Country Artist Travis Rice Announces His New Single “Beer On A Boat”

Hot country artist Travis Rice will have you wishing you were floating on the water with no cares in the world after listening to his new single “Beer On A Boat”.

This song is currently
available on all digital music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and more.

Co-written by Rice and Sean Patrick McGraw, Rice sweeps listeners away to his version of paradise with his signature baritone voice, blending it with laid-back lyrics and a light-hearted sound. Beer On A Boat is a feel good anthem that perfectly conveys the feeling of just wanting to get away and not worry about
any problems that might come your way.

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Rice stays true to himself giving his fans an inside look on his favorite pastime and personal everyday life. “Anyone who knows me knows my favorite place to be is out on the lake, so this song felt like a no-brainer to release as my next single,” says Rice. “This song is describing me to a T, and I hope that comes through to my fans when they hear it. It’s like Woman, Water and Beer part 2,” laughs Rice.

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