Country Artist Travis Rice Gives Us Some of the Greatest Music from Life Experience

The Spotlight is on Country Music Artist Travis Rice

His original songs come straight from the heart and soul of this man of fine, honorable character.

Rice, who just wrapped up a successful CMA Music Festival performing on various stages and signing autographs at both the Visit Music City and Nashville Universe booth, is back with his latest single Always Have Mexico, a story of an extraordinary vacation romance.

I recently got to have a real conversation with someone who truly inspires me. I have always had great intuition about those who’s values were of truth and light and Travis Rice is one of those people. 

He comes from a place many dream of, a place where nature speaks to you on a daily and values matter. Travis is moving up the charts quickly with his music including his latest “Always Have Mexico” and the spotlight is brighter than ever but Travis is staying grounded due to his strong character. 

Travis attributes much of his success to his Dad. He told me his story with such depth, there was a true emotional tie to every word spoken. We spoke about life and the things that help us grow like as Travis says….”It is just as important knowing what you don’t want as it is knowing what you do”. 

“My Dad is my guiding point, he has always been secure with who he is and he trusts his gut and listens to that. You have to get there in your own time and your own way. My authenticity, that’s my Dad and I’m becoming just like him and I am proud of that.” 

We posted an article earlier about a wonderful song Travis wrote about time spent with his father growing up called “When the Fish Didn’t Bite” 

This song tells the tales of Rice’s childhood days spent with his father and the life lessons he learned from all those fishing trips.“These trips with my father were so much deeper than just spending time with him,” says Rice. “He was teaching me how to live and gave me life lessons on how to be a man.” These life lessons include“treat a woman like a queen, cause that’s just what she is,” “always put God first and the rest falls into place,” “never be afraid to tell someone just what they really mean” and “learn to take your time son, this life it ain’t a race.”

“I know who I am and I have found my sound and I am fortunate for that. When you just start from that God will put you in front of the people you need and the people you need to influence. At a young age seeing Garth Brooks interact with people with a realness was a huge inspiration. Fame and fortune is part of it which helps to create other platforms in helping others.”

“An ultimate gift was at the CMA Fest where you get to see a snapshot of your year, the lives that you have touched through your music.”

“Giving back is important to me. I am involved with Children’s Miracle Network, children’s hospitals and Seacrest Studios in helping to give some normality to the lives of these children. Seeing it first hand, it really touches you.”

“It has been a wild process and a crazy ride with great people around me. I am a firm believer that you need a great team to make it all work….I have that and it’s priceless.”

“I am open to what my journey will bring and I am trusting my gut.”

It has been a pleasure and an inspiration getting to know Travis and with so many great things ahead we are sure to hear much more in the near future. -Stacia Gates

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