ArtQuench Introduces Artist Sky Black

ArtQuench is Proud to Present 

Artist Sky Black

We introduce you to an artist whose astounding surrealistic work bring viewers to become submerged in fantasy and wonder. It takes great courage to pursue a path that is unknown.  The daydreams of a young boy would lead to life choices and an outcome that will inspire.

My brother and I back in ‘94. (I’m the younger one)

My first oil painting – 2009

From an early age, I traveled with my Mother and Brother at first living on the Hopi Indian Reservation in Arizona, then to the East Coast where we traveled for her job. Some of my first memories were on the Hopi land and in places like Georgia and New York City. We finally settled down in Michigan where my Mom re-married and continued to raise children. I was one of seven kids and grew up in Michigan with an obsession for sports, playing outside, and following my imagination into the surround forests. As a child I remember being able to fantasize and journey deeply into my own self satisfying daydreams. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and my first artistic influences might be traced back to the Saturday morning cartoons like Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo, and the entire Acme team of cartoon characters. Some of my first skecthbooks featured detailed drawings of characters from shows like Dragon Ball Z and recreations of famous album covers.  However, when I was in my late childhood and teenage years, I still wanted to pursue a life in a professional sport (either baseball or basketball at that time).
It wasn’t until I was 16 years old when I was injured from sports and inherited an entire professional oil painting kit after my Great Grandma passed away. She painted until she passed. I was immediately drawn to oil paint and had gathered more influences by this time, especially in music, fictional literature, and film. Both of my parents had always been supportive of any path I chose to pursue and it didn’t take long until I realized something that continues to drive me today. As an artist and painter, I realized that I had a seemingly infinite amount of freedom to create, narrate, and visually unpack the many images and stories that had been incubating in my imagination. This inspiration coupled with my desire to learn how to oil paint quickly put the idea of becoming an artist into the spotlight.
By the time I had graduated high school, I had been painting and sketching on every piece of paper I could find and there was no doubt that I was becoming an artist. However, making the decision and commitment was a tough one. I was offered a full ride scholarship for academics to Northern Arizona University but the beginning of the school year was about to be conflicting with a fairly large project I was collaborating with another artist on. The painting we were doing together was for a competition called Art Prize in Grand Rapids MI. It was nearing the deadline and I still hadn’t decided when I came to a key realization that I would make this opportunity to pursue art work through studying under mentors, books, and applying rigorous practice. These three practices laid the foundation for my professional career as an artist and I was able to confidently decide not to attend a University. Since then I have produced over 200 oil paintings and many of which have found nice homes with collectors of all types. I continue to read/listen a tremendous amount of books, pursue new mentors, and paint everyday I can.



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GDCA Gallery is proud to present not One but Two World Art Day Tribute Exhibitions: “Quadrivial” & “Hollie Heller – Imprints”.





PRESENTS Two World Art Day Tribute Exhibitions:“Quadrivial” & “Hollie Heller – Imprints”

Quadrivial is a group show featuring the mediums of Painting , Photography, and Sculpture.

Hollie Heller’s Solo Exhibit “Imprints” profiles her layered dyed textile mixed media works on wood and paper, as well as her delicate ‘Dimensional Chroma’ wall sculpture series.
Both exhibits are dedicated to the spirit of World Art Day, which is globally celebrated on April 15th. By definition, “Quadriavial” is a meeting point of 4 directions, symbolically, the four corners of the earth. Our aim is to unite across the globe, by honoring multi-cultural perspectives, concepts and contributions in art.
Exhibition Dates:  April 4th – April 30th, 2017

GDCA Gallery / 727 South Spring Street / Los Angeles, CA 90014


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Realist Artist Roy Tabora finds inspiration through the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands

ArtQuench Introduces Artist Roy Tabora

Tabora continues the legacy of generations of artists who populate his family tree by capturing magical moments of the tranquil beauty of the Hawaiian Islands

Roy Tabora was destined to be an artist. Born into a family of painters, young Tabora was brought up in a world where art was a way of life. Under the watchful eye of a loving uncle, his hand was skillfully trained to reproduce what his heart saw. Those early days as a studio apprentice fueled his desire to elevate his art to one day stand among the works of the finest, past and present. By the age of twenty, the years of training and discipline had produced a highly accomplished realist painter. His quest for excellence continued with a formal education in fine art from the University of Hawaii. Today he is recognized as one of the world’s leading seascape painters.

Born on June 18, 1956, Tabora continues the legacy of generations of artists who populate his family tree. Growing up surrounded by art and artists, his earliest memories are of watching the creative process in action. His lessons in the disciplines of drawing and painting began almost as early as he can remember. During his youth, he was directed by his favorite uncle, Rick Gonzalez. As with all apprentices, his days were occupied by sweeping floors, cleaning paint brushes and preparing painting materials, as well as receiving expert training in the traditional techniques of the old masters.

Already an accomplished Realist at the age of twenty, he opted to continue his education, starting at Washington State University, and receiving his degree in fine arts from the University of Hawaii. He was soon discovered by Hawaii’s leading art galleries and has since risen to great renown as one of the finest seascape painters in the world. The splendor of Hawaii’s tropical shores is a constant source of Tabora’s inspiration yet in his creative process, he relies even more on his heart than he does on his eye. “I romanticize,” he says. “The scenes I portray are memories I have imagined…memories of when the footprints of men were not so prolific and deep. Nature alone is the subject of my work. Its allure is exquisitely pure; That’s what I wish to convey. I see Hawaii’s land and sea as the essence of beauty itself. It reaches to me with a richness of emotion that I simply must express.”

Tabora’s work is magical with a remarkable glow that seems to shine from an inner light. His colors are all at once subtle and intense. He achieves this through a long and painstaking process of layering and glazing. Tabora begins with a wash of turpentine and color. Then using oils, he under-paints the image. This is followed with five to ten applications of colors he calls transparent, each to bring out a greater sense of depth or tonal value. Each layer builds luminosity and light within the transparent waves. Highlights and glazes complete his paintings, resulting in works that enter our minds and become our dreams.

Tabora’s art strikes a chord deep within, sending us to a mystical place where our imagination is free to wander amid our fondest memories. Ultimately we arrive at a moment of tranquility. To capture these moments and share them with his viewers–this is the artist’s highest aim and this is the true essence of Roy Tabora’s unforgettable seascapes. His original paintings and limited editions prints are highly prized by collectors for their irresistible qualities of majesty, mood, and meticulous perfection.

Roy Tabora Art

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ArtQuench Shares a Special Article from AQM Issue Four

ArtQuench Presents an amazing photographer whose heart and passion show in every photo. Alicia shares her story of how her infertility struggles helped influence her art. Please Welcome…

Alicia in Wonderland Photography


My journey as a photographer has been a long, somewhat challenging journey. I remember the exact moment that I fell in love with photography. It was during a school field trip to the Getty Villa back in middle school. Capturing the beauty of that location and the gardens there made me feel like I could capture the magic and beauty of the world with my hands. My maternal grandfather came from a family full of professional artists, and he gave me that first camera. I remember him teaching my sister and I about art, shadows, light, painting, and photography. I remember feeling frustrated at the time that I “only” seemed to have success with drawing things on my computer (with my mouse), compared to my sister who seemed more of a natural with a paintbrush and pen. So started focusing on photography and digital art as a hobby.
In 8th grade, I remember pushing my school to start a yearbook and I got involved with doing the photos for the brand new yearbook. My dad had been a yearbook photographer and helped give a lot of tips and guidance. Once I got to high school, I was elected as “historian” for our community service club, which meant I attended most of the events and photographed everything for our annual club photo album. One area of community service and photos that touched me the most was when we would volunteer at a local womens’ shelter. I absolutely fell in love with photographing the mothers with their babies there. I was inspired by the work of Anne Geddes, and at the time (20 years ago), there were not a whole lot of other popular baby photographers around. I felt like I had found my life’s calling, yet was discouraged from pursing anything related to that as a career (by school guidance counselors), since their opinion was that there was no way for anyone (other than perhaps Geddes) to make a living as a baby photographer.

One of the reasons in particular that I loved photographing mothers and babies so much was because of my own diagnosis of infertility at the age of 12. I was told repeatedly from age 12 onward that I had too many problems with my ovaries and too bad of a hormonal imbalance and that I would never be able to have children of my own. As someone who loved to babysit and just be around babies in general, it was extremely disheartening. Having been told that so many times, it strongly shaped my viewpoint about how each new baby is so special.
When I first started out in college, I started out as pre-med, hoping to become a neonatologist. After a very intense internship in a local hospital, I realized that I was way too sensitive of a person to be able to handle working in medicine in any capacity. So I switched schools, switched focus completely, and went to fashion school. There I learned a lot about photo editing, retouching, digital art and design, etc. I ended up working in the fashion industry for many years. I got to a breaking point about 5 years ago where I realized that I was not loving what I did, and I really wanted to go back to photographing mothers and babies. So I quit my full time job and started my own business with my husband’s support.
My original intent for starting my own business was the hope of being able to work with other people’s babies since I thought we wouldn’t be able to have any of our own. I was always under the impression that I would not be able to get pregnant, but we realized after we were married that getting pregnant was not actually the problem, but keeping the pregnancy was actually more of my main problem. We struggled for a while with the journey, facing miscarriage after miscarriage. It was extremely difficult to run a business while dealing with that kind of physical and emotional trauma.

Then I found a doctor who had lots of experience with my particular infertility issues, and I was finally able to get past the danger zone with one of my pregnancies. When my first son was born, it changed my whole viewpoint on life and my photography. I stopped listening to the advice I had heard in classes and workshops, advice such as using Photoshop actions to speed up my workflow and keep every photo consistent. I started letting my photography reflect my own unique perspective, and I stopped caring if my photos fit into the norm and confined with what everyone else was doing. I decided to start taking more risks with my shooting and editing styles and let that reflect in my work. I had somehow achieved the unthinkable by becoming a mother and that influenced my art tremendously.
I have always been pretty honest and upfront about the infertility struggles we have battled over the past five years, and it has come through in some of my personal artwork. I created one self-portrait titled “All of My Babies”, with me holding my son and little glimmers of light around us to depict all of the pregnancies that I had lost at that point. With the recent birth of our second son, I feel a sense of completion that our battle with infertility is complete. I fought the odds and won, despite a long uphill battle. At this point, I create art that speaks from my viewpoint as a fighter, and someone who sees babies as the most precious gift on earth. Hopefully that comes across in my work when others view it!

ArtQuench Gallery Call For Art and Photography


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Noah at Disney California Food and Wine Festival this weekend

NOAH Fine Art

Excited to be releasing two new pieces at Off the Page at the

2017 Disney California Adventure® Food & Wine Festival March 25th & 26th!

I will be on hand signing and dedicating prints of both new images, so be sure to come by and say hello!

The story for this Orange Country native began humbly, selling art door to door as a teenager on a bicycle. At just 16, Noah was handing out business cards to create art, signs, and illustrations for local businesses.

Soon after high-school graduation, Noah received an airbrush from his family. He then embarked on a career of creating custom portraits on clothing and canvas. He would set up at local clubs and coffee shops to paint live for collectors in front of their eyes.

Corporate companies and celebrities started to notice his talent. Noah began….READ MORE

Disney California Food and Wine Festival

Be sure and check out the latest happenings at

2 New art contests

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Launch LA proudly presents two solo exhibitions from artists Cherie Benner Davis and Greg Rose


Presents Artists Cherie Benner Davis and Greg Rose in two solo exhibitions.

Exhibition Dates: March 4 – April 1, 2017

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 4, 6-9pm

RSVP Essential to:



Launch LA proudly presents two solo exhibitions from artists Cherie Benner Davis and Greg Rose. At first glance, the two shows are paradoxical, a parallel of urban and natural landscapes. Whether inspired by the built metropolis of freeway connections or the woodlands of the San Gabriel Mountains, Davis and Rose capture the profound connection to their environment and a keen perception of the expansive, diverse terrain of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a driving town.  It was planned that way; its complex array of freeways and concrete structures were built at a time when automobiles were rapidly becoming the transportation mode-of-choice within the urban sprawl of the city. Owning a car is still synonymous with the American Dream, a symbol of freedom, status and virility. LA’s concrete highways are part of our landscape, as much as palm tree-lined streets, manicured lawns and scavenging seagulls. We map our lives as we move throughout this place, and the flattened, exaggerated perspectives in Benner Davis’ compositions mirror our visual encounters of the city: the underbellies of bridges, cropped views of on-ramps and a desolate stoplight devoid of pedestrians. Working from photographs taken on Benner Davis’ daily commutes, LA Pastoral removes all human activity to focus on the structured environment itself. In certain paintings, a palette of pinks, blues and greens replaces the monochromatic skyline of concrete grey; a playful nod at the neon signs of America’s driving culture. This is Los Angeles re-imagined: a pre-built ideal or a post-apocalyptic dream.


The crossover between what is natural and what is designed is at the core of Greg Rose’s work. Tree Stories explores an ongoing collection of tree images inspired by Rose’s hiking excursions in the San Gabriel Mountains of Los Angeles, where amidst the forested landscape, Rose sketches detailed renderings of various trees in gouache that he later references when building more complex compositions of singular or plural trees. Focusing on each tree as an individual story within a larger narrative, just like the diversity of members in a family, Rose dramatizes the role of each tree and highlights their unique qualities. In a sense, each tree has its own story isolated within the picture plane. When viewed as a complete exhibition, the interplay between each painting mirrors the tension and connections we find in our own lives and social relationships – an individual as a part of a larger community, distinctive yet interdependent.

About the Artists

Cherie Benner Davis was born and raised in Orange County, CA. She has lived in France on two occasions, one of which was to pursue studies in fine art, language and art history in Paris. In 1997 Ms. Benner Davis completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing at California State University, Long Beach. While exhibiting in numerous solo and group exhibitions, she has been reviewed in various publications including New Art Examiner, LA Times, LA Weekly, Artscene and Flavorpill.

Greg Rose studied drawing and painting at California State University, Long Beach where he earned his B.F.A. in 1992. Rose then graduated from Claremont Graduate University with an M.F.A in 1997. Rose has shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and has been featured in publications such as Artnet, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post and LA Weekly.

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Tuesday Motivation

ArtQuench Tuesday Motivation

A Message from the President of AQM


We are excited to say we are very close to publishing our next issue of “Creative Masters”. For those of you participating we will be sending out notification of the March publishing date through the ArtQuench Newsletter.

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ArtQuench Magazine is publishing our first Art Book…and you could have your artwork on the cover!


Here is how it works;

Artists who wish to participate in the ArtQuench “FIRST MASTERS EDITION” Art Book

Artists will submit their images to (NOTE: Add For Art Book in subject line)

Artists will be required to pay a $49.00 entry fee (NOTE: Any entry not accepted the entry fee will be returned..Only accepted entries will pay the entry fee)

Entry fees are paid through paypal

CLICK HERE for the official submission page


ArtQuench COVER Contest!


Artists who wish to enter the ArtQuench “FIRST MASTERS EDITION”

Art Book COVER Contest



Once Again Jackalope Arts and Crafts Fair is a Huge Success!

ArtQuench shares some of the impressive, creative original findings from the Pasadena Jackalope Arts and Crafts Fair held on Nov. 12 and 13

CALL TO VENDORS Space is still available apply through Feb. 17

We were amazed at the creativity flowing throughout this one of a kind craft fair. The artisans bring such originality to this fun filled event. The families came out with the kids and the dogs and there was something for everyone to do. Great shopping, great food and a kids area with laughter that echoed from the center of the park. There were even hammocks to take a moment to enjoy the sounds of this happy place. Here are some highlights from the event.


Connor MacLeod and his sister Caitlin  had a great day with their family!



Phone: 323-989-2278

Call to Vendors Space is still available for the upcoming Pasadena Jackalope arts and crafts fair through Feb. 17




Granola Mama’s Handmade is for those who believe we can create clean wholesome food that tastes great in fact this granola has the

ArtQuench Gold Star for “Best Tasting Granola!”


Granola Mama’s Vision

What do we mean by truly delicious? We mean that above all else, our granola tastes great! It’s our first priority. We believe that food tastes better when it is made with love. We believe that food is only as good as the quality of its ingredients. We know that ingredients that are organic, locally grown, whole or minimally processed taste better and are better for so many other reasons.

We are passionate about our belief that food is an accessible way to understand and appreciate different cultures. And not just foreign cultures, but your next door neighbors culture as well. It is our sincere intention to bring you flavor inspired by peoples and places near and far using granola which is familiar to a lot of people, as the palette. With this in mind, the possibilities are limitless!

Who is Granola Mama?

Wendy Osmundson comes from a long line of great cooks in her family. “Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money,” says Osmundson. “But we always ate well! Almost everything we ate was made from scratch and we often ate food from our garden in the summers….READ MORE



Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is another Gold Star Winner! ArtQuench calls this amazing tasting and creative flavored ice cream

“The Best all time original flavored ice cream in Southern California!”



We are absolutely devoted to making better ice creams and bringing people together. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and keeps us up late at night. We believe that you can grow a business as a community of people, with artful attention to detail and the customer experience, and get continuously better at the same time. That REALLY great ice cream served perfectly in a sparkling and beautiful space, with attentive and in-the-moment service (we believe service is an art) brings people together and helps them connect. And that sometimes sparks fly. And that there should be more sparks flying, generally. We like to make people feel good.




There is a very special company here built and operated by Jason Rodgers. Jason’s creative minded designs and hard work have given him great success and international respect in the fashion world. Jason is soon to be in the high fashion market, so we suggest you make your purchase now before only the stars will be able to afford these luxury items.



Fez-o-rama LLC. is a unique small business that produces fine hand-made, embroidered velvet fezzes and caps, fez accessories and original art. We’re located in Southern California and all of our production is USA based.  We have shipped worldwide and have our fezzes on the heads of many insanely happy clients in over a hundred countries. What makes us a truly unique company is not only what we make, but also the fact that we are artist owned and operated. Our designs are created and programmed in-house and the vast majority of production is done by those very same artists. From start to finish we put our focus on our creative expression. We are not just a design front for some factory. The same few people that created the patterns and design the embroideries also answer the emails, sew the fezzes, ship the boxes, design the website and attend the shows. This creative passion extends to our presence on the convention floor with our award-winning self-built custom designed booth and displays. We tend to eschew conventional presentations for a more hand-made, artisan style that better represents our product, our company and our design philosophy.The way we do things is just as important to us as what we do.

Meet two women with inspirational stories of how they came to create such beauty with ceramics.

“Wonderfully artistic with incredible design!”


Nicole M Reyes Ceramics

Two years ago today, I went into the studio like any other day and went to blow off a little steam, try and make something slightly aesthetically pleasing, jabber on about nothing with my partner in crime, and just have some fun. When I started to work the previous week I had an idea but I did not think it would work or did not know how I would even go on about building this shape that I had in my head. I made a typical pinch pot and then….READ MORE


Quigley Ceramics

My mother’s father was a pilot.  My father is a pilot.  My Husband saw much of the world before he was 23.  Travel is in my blood and all around me.  I’ve been so fortunate to see some of the most amazing sights in the world.  I knew these experiences fed my soul, but I had no idea how they would inform my artistic life…..READ MORE

A World of Wonder is what we found at the booth of artist

Dany Paragouteva


“At the center of every fairy tale lay a truth that gave the story its power.” – Susan Wiggs.
Hailing from Bulgaria, Dany Paragouteva’s work revolves around using her European heritage
and soulful appreciation of the power of fairy tales to bring people into a fantastical world of
the subtly surreal. Her aim with her art is to touch the viewer with a joyful emotional truth that
not only makes us ask ourselves ‘why not?’, but brings out the dreamer in us that only the world
of fantasy can inspire.



 If you are looking for the next great fashion accessory then 

Kashi Handbags 

 has what you are in search of!


The materials are colorful and soft for a comfortable feel with a fit for any occasion. 



We stopped and tasted the amazing all natural artisan beef jerky and had to take some home!


Handcrafted, Small Batch Beef Jerky

We founded Dried and True to make jerky that would wow people’s taste buds and change their perception of what beef jerky could taste like. Since 2012, we’ve been making each batch by hand without chemical preservatives, nitrates/nitrites, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial ingredients.




Was a huge hit with their wonderfully priced beautiful succulents. 

We are a small grower and purveyor of succulents, air plants and houseplants located in Costa Mesa, CA. We strive on the fact we can offer great looking plants at low prices, and back them up with knowledge on how to care and succeed with your purchase. To us its not just a business, its a way of life with every sale becoming a teachable moment for the customer to understand their plant. We do events all over Southern California and attend local farmers markets as well, look us up or stop by one of our events and say hello!


Join ArtQuench Again

April 29th & 30th, 2017
Central Park
 : Old Pasadena

Hours: 10am – 5pm | Free Admission!

For A Great Day Out 



Call For Art

ArtQuench Art Book Submissions Open Also Enter the Cover Contest





Start Up Art Fair Los Angeles 27 – 29 January

Los Angeles Art Association is Pleased to Present

Artists Andree Carter and Richard B. Gayler at

The 2017 stARTup Art Fair Los Angeles.

January 27 – 29, 2017

Highland Gardens Hotel
 7047 Franklin Avenue
 Los Angeles, Ca. 90028


Ticket Information

General Admission Public Hours
Friday, January 27: Noon – 10:00 PM
Saturday, January 28: Noon – 9:00 PM
Sunday, January 29: Noon – 7:00 PM

Friday Night Celebration from 7-10pm (General Admission Ticket only). Improvisational rock band, Other performs and there will be outdoor installations, video projections, and a performance piece by Allison Wyper and Erika Katrina Barbosa

Richard Gayler


Andre Carter


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Now accepting submissions!

If you would like to submit your artwork/photography to become a resident artist with ArtQuench Gallery send us 2 images and information about yourself to 

Contact ArtQuench at

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New Upcoming Band is One to Watch!

 ArtQuench Introduces The Responders

Friends, curiosity of music and a whole lot of talent and drive has led this band to pursue their ultimate dream of becoming the worlds next big success of artistic sound.

“ArtQuench says…This is the band you want to keep your eye on!”

This is the story of how it all happened so far……

Please Support and Share!


Shane Fitzgerald (guitarist) and I (drummer) have known each other practically forever, but we really became friends when our lockers were next to each other’s in eighth grade. We ended up talking about music often, and it turned out we both were into a lot of the same bands, like Modest Mouse and Beirut. During the summer, Shane picked up a half-broken toy piano that was laying around my basement — he didn’t really know how to play it, but we thought what he played sounded great. Shortly after, I started playing a drum kit that had been abandoned in my basement for roughly fifteen years. Around then, Shane and I started a project that we called Tuna Inequality. We recorded a few improvisational pieces in one take as sort of a joke, but we ended up really liking how it came out. Tuna Inequality is really what let Shane and I to see music as a dream and gave us a drive to succeed as musicians.

We spent a few years trying to build connections and find dedicated musicians to join our band. We went through tons of iterations, playing at every school event we could under names like “The Sun Will Eventually Explode” and “Skinny Moth and The Prospect”. Unfortunately, Shane and I had a lot of trouble finding other musicians whose drive matched ours — it felt like every time we had a good band and material ready to record, somebody got too busy for the group or went off to college. Having to start over so many times was really discouraging, but we kept auditioning new members anyway in the hopes that something would take. The thing that really drew us to our current lineup is their drive and desire to improve just as much as their talent. We really feel like we’ve hit upon a group that is willing to put in the effort we need to make a real career of this.

How hard was it to make it to where you are now?

I know we haven’t really made it very far yet, but even getting here has felt like the hardest thing in the world. When you’re a musician, you want to put all your time and energy into music and take every possible opportunity to showcase your ideas, but life gets in the way. More than that, money gets in the way, and it’s sad because I think it takes away from the art of music. Shane and I have worked hard on managing our social media accounts and trying to engage our followers with our work, but sometimes even that feels cumbersome. Just making it to the point where we have music to show people has been very hard, and building a fan base seems nearly impossible. That said, we feel rewarded by all the work we’ve put in, too. Even though we’ve gone out onstage and failed to nail it countless times, it’s really allowed us to recognize our weaknesses and improve upon them.


How do you keep each other strong?

Shane and I have been friends for a very long time and know each other well, so when either of us has doubts, the other’s always there to lean on. We try very hard to make sure everyone in the band is happy and comfortable coming forward with ideas or issues. Whenever someone feels like it’s not their place to make suggestions or speak up about a problem they have, he and I usually are the ones who pull the band through that. I think everyone in the band keeps each other strong, though — we’re all just trying to create something together, so we pick each other up when we have to.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

In five years, I see us still gigging, whether we’re making money or not. Beyond that, it’s hard to know — while me, Shane, and the rest of the group would love if music were our actual career, whether that’s a realistic goal is up to the band as a whole. It’ll take a lot of luck to get there, but we’re working as hard as we can to achieve our dream.


Follow The Responders on Facebook

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View more of The Responders on YouTube

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Now accepting submissions!

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