ArtQuench Introduces The GDCA Contemporary Arts Gallery

ArtQuench Introduces The Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery

We are proud to support GDCA and share with you the amazing artists represented here.

After serving as a private art dealership for more than thirty years, catering to private and corporate clientele, GDCA debuted their gallery space in March 2010, which is open to the public.

ArtQuench visited the latest show “Gleam” and found it to be a phenomenon of creativity. Each artist adds great value in sharing with the viewer a piece of their soul.

727 South Spring Street

Los Angeles, Ca. 90014


gloria-delson-contemporary-arts-01Gallery director Petra Wright offers immense detail in explaining the creation process

of the artist and her perspective on the finished piece.


Hollie Heller


“My initial interest in art was Weaving and Textile Design. I loved the idea of building a material and that the imagery is determined by that material. I see myself as an object maker.”

Hollie Heller is an artist who splits her time between New Jersey and Costa Rica. Her work is often inspired by the sea.

Jonas Bienenfeld



Jonas “The Rooftop Ninja” Bienenfeld is a landscape photographer specializing in metropolitan areas. Bienenfeld captures impossible viewpoints by accessing private rooftops and properties worldwide (all legally, we hope). As an Angeleno native, Bienenfeld has built an avid underground following and was recently awarded Downtown LA’s Best Picture of 2012.  We are excited to announce that after much deliberation, Bienenfeld has agreed to grace the general public with his exclusive collection.

Michael Moon 


“Painting is a means to create whatever comes to me. It is a creative experience which translates into a spiritual exercise- a spiritual workout as it were. It becomes a conversation with myself, which sometimes resonates immediately other times with a struggle but a process, however it unfolds, that hopefully is honest, real and valid.”


Mark Brosmer





Mark Brosmer's paintings depict fascinating dreamscapes: a world where the real and unreal fill the canvas equally. Brosmer is an artist whose work consciously reflects the elements of earth, air and water. These poetic illusions stretch the imagination and welcome contemplation. The simplicity of each work is expressed with clarity but at the same time encourages the mind to explore beautiful and entertaining visual puzzles. Mark Brosmer states, "The places I've created in my paintings are representative of our earth as we know it, yet more distant than we would care to imagine. My work lives in a silent environment where time fails to exist, where focus is shared between symbols and their surrounding areas."

Judy Gittelsohngloria-delson-contemporary-arts-01-judy-gittelsohn-33

Judy Gittelsohn has been painting in the Bay Area for over 30 years. She exhibits widely and her work is collected around the world.


For information on these artists or to view many more creatives involved with this show go to;


Submissions for CM III are NOW OPEN! (Click Here for instructions on how to submit)

One participating artist will be chosen for the cover!

artquench-image-sample-page-creativesaq AQM Creative Masters ADD



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