ArtQuench TV Contest Winner Announcement

ArtQuench is Excited to Announce

The Winner of the ArtQuench TV Contest

Congratulations! To Kathy Curtis Cahill


After a long and intense reviewing process of over 60 very original creatives in the ArtQuench TV Contest the consensus was that Kathy Curtis Cahill’s creative way of using her imagination with the use of dolls and mannequins along with her incredible talent as a photographer brought a unique and expressive style that is one of a kind. 

ArtQuench TV will be filming with Kathy in the near future and publishing the interview at 

We introduce you to;

Kathy Curtis Cahill

After being educated as an art teacher, I moved to Los Angeles and became involved in film and television. I worked in the Art Department as a Set Decorator, over 30 years in this capacity, garnering an Emmy Nomination in 2001. I retired in 2011 and now pursue photography full time. My subject matter is varied, I pursue what interests me at the moment, but all of my work reflects my extensive background in the artifice of the entertainment industry, telling a story non verbally, with the actors still off stage. I prefer to use mannequins and dolls as stand ins.


 ArtQuench would like to thank everyone who sent in an entry. This was not an easy task of choosing just one artist to win. Everyone should feel proud of their work and knowing they were considered a contender. Keep going and stay in a positive light for there are more opportunities coming your way! 

Please NOTE: All “Official Entrants” in the ArtQuench TV Contest will be receiving a request for information to be published here at You will get to tell your story and we will share it with the world!

(Allow one week for information request)


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