ArtQuench Presents Facebook Friend Satyajit Chanda

Artist and Facebook Friend Satyajit Chanda

Shares his story with ArtQuench

We introduce to you an artist with great drive and determination. Satyajit’s passion for his work comes from his journey of life and shows the emotion of his inner self and the experiences from day to day living.

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Satyajit Chanda 40 Title-River ScapeMedium-Water  Colour Size-20''x30'' (2)


River Scape watercolour 20″ x 30″

My days in Kolkata were filled with frequent visits to Cowsheds, Stables, lakes , small hamlets which were easily accessible, to develop & enhance the multitude of colours, & develop my own skills & idea of colours in nature. In this way I wanted to capture the  palette of I was inspired by the paintings of Monet, Manet, Pissaro. Later I was influenced by Coconut trees which were a feature of the coastal landscape of West bengal & Mumbai, Maharashtra, especially Naigaon, where I live. They were a continuous & integral part throughout my life. In these watercolours I depict the sun rays passing through the Coconut leaves & splitting into different hues of the spectrum, just like the dispersion of white light when it passes though a Prism.

Since childhood, I was very interested in making toys using clay and drawing with a pencil on paper. My painting and drawing style was quite mature like a seasoned artist, as people would say. My mother was my mentor and greatest pillar of support. Also, my neighbor and art teacher, Gurupada  Sarkar -a skilled sculptor, inspired ,taught  and guided me to become an artist. He provided me with art materials, knowledge about art history for which I am indebted to him. My father, relatives and friends also encouraged me.

Mumbai lifestyle was a contrast to my environment in Kolkata, although a thread passed through my artworks maintaining a continuity in thought. Here I explored and enhanced my etching, lithography and serigraphy skills. I was also captivated by the urban consumerist  lifestyle of the city-the shopping malls and complexes, vivid window displays, mannequins. Both, the perils and joys of modern urban living are depicted in my art works.

I continued with my etching, lithography and serigraphy (print making) as well as paintings. Later, I moved to Mumbai in search of better opportunities, as it has a fertile platform for Arts and culture.

Satyajit Chanda 45 Title-My Chilhood TimeMedium-Water  Colour Size-12''x18'' (2)  02


My childhood time   watercolour  12″ x 18″

Satyajit chanda 47 Title-Garia CowshedMedium-Water  Colour Size-8''x20'' (2)


Garia Cowshed   watercolour 8″ x 20″

Satyajit Chanda 46 Title-Mother Child RelationMedium-Water  Colour Size-20''x10'' (2)


Mother and Child Relation    watercolour 20″ x 10″

Satyajit Chanda 22 Title-After noonMedium- Water Colour on  Paper Size-30x20  (2)


Afternoon   watercolour   30″ x 20″

Satyajit Chanda 23 Title- River SideMedium- Water Colour on  Paper Size-30x20  (2)


River Side   watercolour   30″ x 20″

Satyajit Chanda 21 Title-River SideMedium- Water Colour on  Paper Size-30x20  (2)

River Side 2   watercolour    30″ x 20″

Satyajit Chanda  13 Title-Garia Cow Shed Medium- Water Colour on  Paper Size-30x20  (2)



Cow Shed   watercolour  30″ x 20″

Satyajit Chanda 31 Title- Coconut Tree-2 Medium-Water  Colour Size-20''x30' (2)


Coconut Tree    watercolour    20″ x 30″

Satyajit Chanda 36 Title-Bank of Rever Medium-Water  Colour Size-30''X20''  (2)


Bank of River  watercolour   20″ x 30″

Nature  is  incomplete  without  her  divine  creation  . The simplicity  and  ease  which animals display in their  living shows  they  have  accepted  nature as their true and only home.


Bull symbolizes  me  raw  power  and  aggression  which  has  always  motivated  me in the difficult journey of life .Though  nature  has gifted   this powerful creature  with immerse  strength, but its  innocence  creates  aggression  which  can  be  easily  manipulated. Humans  have  always  tried  to  manipulate  and  use  the  life  giving strength  of  nature to  their  own  needs. The  aggression  of  the  bull  inspires  me  fight  against  which  is  wrong  to  protect  my  innocence.

Satyajit Chanda 42 Title-bull  Size-30''x20'' Medium-Charcoal on    paper (2)

Bull     30″ x 20″  Charcoal on paper

Horse  has  always  attracted  me  by  their  power  and  grace. Their  unique  nature  and  structure  have  always  fascinated  the  minds  of  great  artists. All  great  artists  have been  obsessed  with  this  creature at least  once in their  lifetime. During  my  early college  year s i  was  very  lucky to have a horse  stable  next  to  my  college .After  my  college  I  used  to  spend  time  there  mesmerized by their  structure,  movement  and  beauty. Horse  has  been my  source  of  creative  energy  and  emotion which drive  my  work  towards  love  and  freedom.

Satyajit Chanda 43 Title- Horse Size-8''x6'' Medium-Mixmedia on   paper (2)


Horse   8″ x 6″  mixed media

Elephant  is  one  of  the  animals which  is  very  close  to  my  heart. The  calmness  and  coolness surrounding  this  mysterious creature  is  displayed in my  work. I  feel  the  modesty  which  this  animal  carries is most respectable, inspite  of  its  huge  structure  and  highly  evolved  intelligence. Elephant  is  one  of  the  most  sacred  animals  in  Indian culture.It  is  the  symbol  of  dignity  and  wisdom  worshiped  as  lord  Ganesha. Through  my  work  I  have  tried  show  my  deep  love  and  respect  to  this  beautiful  creature.

Satyajit Chanda 41 Title-Elephent Size-30''x20'' Medium-Mixmedia on   paper (2)


Elephant    30″ x 20″   mixed media 

About Me

Satyajit Chanda photo


I, Satyajit Chandra Chanda , was born in 1974 have done B.V.A in painting from Govt College of Art and Craft, Kolkata in 1998 and M.F.A in Graphics from M.S.University ,Baroda in 2000.There after, I  was granted a scholarship from  Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad in 2000 and was a Faculty member there. At the same time I have worked as a visiting Faculty at C.E.P.T campus, Ahmedabad.


I was awarded Junior Fellowship from Ministry of Human Resources Govt. of India and Lalit Kala Academy Gujarat, Bombay Art Society Award. My solo Exhibitions have been held at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, D D Neroy Art Gallery, Mumbai, AKS Art Gallery, Andheri Mumbai, Ruchika Art Gallery, Goa. I have also exhibited in a group show at Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sangahalay,  Prince of Wales Museum, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal. Shimeesha Art Show, Baroda, Roots of Bengal, Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore, and other locations such as Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata. I have also participated in Annual Exhibitions  held at Birla Academy and Academy of fine arts, Kolkata, Bombay Art Society, Mumbai, Gujarat Lalit Kala Academy, Indian Art Exhibition State Level, Ahmedabad, Delhi Lalit Kala Academy.

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