ArtQuench Presents Chrys Roboras

ArtQuench Featured Artist Chrys Roboras

Winner of the AQG Fall Open Juried Art Competition

Chrys has won one year of representation with ArtQuench Gallery.

We welcome Chrys to the ArtQuench family!

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Chrys Roboras Nothing to loose 40 x 50cm oil on canvas April 2014 $800


 Winning Image  Nothing to loose 40 x 50 cm Oil on canvas

Chrys Roboras 1 (2)

I have always loved to paint and create.  Anything to do with art was my passion. I knew that one day I would do something with it. I loved the feel of paint on my hands, I loved to experiment with it.
Back when I was in elementary school art was my favorite subject. I just couldn’t wait for that day.

Chrys Roboras IMG_33181 (2)
I was born and raised in Sydney Australia, with a Greek background my cultures where mixed; I felt. I always felt displaced, not sure of where I belonged. This was partly due to the fact that my father had impressed in our minds that one day we would return to Greece his homeland. This made me feel unsure of my surroundings and I didn’t get a chance to stand my ground.

Chrys Roboras I was waiting oil on canvas 40 x 70cm May 2014 $1500


I loved nature, being outside, sitting at a park bench and looking at the pass- byers, I contemplated what they would be thinking or feeling.
We went back and forth to Greece for a few years and then moved to Greece permanently in 1998.
I had started my fine art studies from yr 11 at high school which was the beginning of realizing what a concept was, what a series of paintings or anything else for that matter required. We studied a lot of artists and I loved everything about Van Gogh and Brett Whiteley at that time, and of course still do.
I continued to do a certificate of fine arts as a foundation. I then completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Technology (Hons) from Middlesex University, London UK. Through the course I tried various mediums of art but even though I enjoyed conceptual art and visual language communication, painting was my passion. I always came back to it.

Chrys Roboras Let it be 80 x 160cm oil on canvas May 2014 $3500
I am inspired from my life, from things that have affected me, in both a positive and negative way. From being in between two countries, and knowing that in Australia I am Greek and in Greece I am Australian. All these life stories that we live everyday are for me the best inspiration for my work. If you take a look at my series of works over the last 8 years you will learn a lot about me.
The artist that I admire and have influenced my work are, the Dutch artist Caspar David Frederich the romanticism phase which was the foundation of my work, the American artist Gary Ruddell, I love his figures and landscape and my painting teacher who I really owe a lot to, for his inspiring talks, motivation and believing in me so much Tasos Missouras.

Chrys Roboras is a painter of figure and landscape. Her trademark is realistic figures with semi-abstract landscapes. Chrys has had four solo exhibitions, in Athens, Paros, and New York.

Chrys has participated in Art Athina – Athens, Revolution Art Fair – Taiwan, Parallax Art Fair – London, Biennale of Chianciano – Tuscany Italy,  Biennale of Beijing – China,  Biennale of Santorini and Scope Art Fair Miami.

Chrys’s work has achieved awards in various exhibitions.

Her work has been featured on music book covers,  in the book “International Contemporary Masters Volume 5”, the book Hidden Treasures Art 2014 and ArtTakes Miami 2012 and 2014 books.

Chrys has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and is also found at the Museum of Fine Arts in Las Vegas and in many private collections in Greece and abroad.


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