Art Quench Announces; F.I.R.E. Art Studio Event

Art Quench Announces F.I.R.E. Art Studio Event

fire art studio2                                               Mayor George Pradel Welcomes

                                     F.I.R.E. Art Studios and Gallery to Naperville

                                          190 E. Fifth Avenue, Naperville, IL 60563


As an unmatched showcase for fine artists around the globe.


Feb 9th – March 8th, 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

By Naperville Mayor, George Pradel

Guest Appearance by O’Connell Performers

Artists Reception

Friday, February 22nd

5:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Featured Artists

Ken Beach, Cynthia Boudreau, Sheri Lee Butler, Dennis Drueck, Robert Lait, Jianna Mirabelli, Nicole L. Rittenhouse – Owen, Diana Rabinovich, Mari-Beth Rex, Katrina Rue, Theresa McGraw, Sujata Tibrewala, Merike Adams, Bernhard Adams, Pallavi Rajwade, & Tess Watson

Performance by Susan Joseph at 6:30 pm

Mayor George Pradel commends F.I.R.E. Art Studios and Gallery for their selection of artwork and the inclusion of diverse talent from around the world.

The Feel.Introspect.Rejuvenate.Express. exhibit brings artwork to life by giving equal importance to the journey as to the destination, by telling the stories behind their creators, the creator’s inspiration and the process of the creation itself.  This gallery is not a gallery where artists just hang their artwork and wait for viewers to come and ‘see” their artwork. They encourage artists to be there, hold conversations around their work, and also let the viewers create art themselves, so they can “FEEL” the creative process themselves.

This do it yourself creative philosophy is also reflected in the art activities, a part of every art show, allows everyone to create something with “no art experience” necessary. Their workshops are also aimed to satisfy the creative instinct of the most creatively rusty individuals. There have been instances in their workshops when parents come to drop off their kids and end up creating something themselves. “The reward of running this place is to see the joy creativity brings to these people”, says Sujata Tibrewala, one of the founder artists. Merike Adams the other co-founder takes pride in teaching art to young children in addition to being a consummate artist herself.  F.I.R.E. Art Studios and Gallery is like their other child to both the founders and they take pride in helping bring out the creative spirit in everyone.


The market economy marginalizes the creative human spirit and only rewards those who are able to exploit the creation of others while the remaining majority is just reduced to consumers. This economy and  logic  driven left brained world has forgotten how to use their right (creative) brains to see long term patterns, and stop living from quarter to quarter.

fire Art studio Ken Beach02

The Feel.Introspect.Rejuvenate.Express.  Art show at the F.I.R.E. art studios and gallery comes as a breath of fresh air in artsy Naperville in celebrating these 17 artists who chose to listen to their deepest feelings, become aware of it and create something that the world can understand. It is not co incidental that all artists in the show have found their calling in mother earth and her creations, for that is where everything comes from.

Fire Art studio Diana Rabinovich01

Mayor George Pradel has graciously agreed to attend the Grand artist reception to promote the art show and the opening of this new brand new art studios and gallery.

Fire Art studio Katrins Rue02

Founder artists

Sujata Tibrewala and Merike Adams both find inspiration in the march of the seasons. While the former sees seasons birthing from one from another in a regular symphony, much like the beats of a favorite tune, the latter sees spring as a harbinger of all that is warm and light which makes all the worries go away.  While the former abstracts the very real phenomenon of nature as “Music Within”, and celebrates each one equally, the latter personalizes it and portrays the spring as “The girl in a Blue Dress” who stretches out to the sun and uncages the flowers.

Katrina Rue, Dennis Drueck and Ken Beach highlight the frailty and the decay of the very material they use to create art.  Whereas, Katrina uses the interference of colors to create something bright, almost hiding the traces of destruction, Dennis highlights the destruction to talk about death and our own ephemeral nature. Ken sees beauty in the decay of the old and the abandoned made structures along with the natural world itself.

Mari-Beth Rex and Tess Watson use the beauty of direct gifts from mother earth, the beads and the crystals. While the former embellishes them and strings them into wearable cluster jewels, the latter puts them onto mirrors to transfer their energy to her viewers.

Bernhard Adams finds magic in the process of formation of the crystals themselves. He freezes a moment in the crystal growth of tartaric acid crystals with crystal violet in a breadth taking microscopic photo.

Dianna Rabinovich finds her muse in horses, her siblings from the mother earth. She conveys the energy of these magnificent beings in neon contrasting colors.

Robert Lait finds stark angles, jarring horizon lines, odd subject placements and unusual scales, in the natural landscape of Zion Canyon.

Jianna Mirabelli Midnight Noise in layer after layer of colors with gold sheen shining through them like shimmers of bright light.

Pallavi Rajwade basks in the nostalgia of traditions that honor a Basil plant to ward off evil from the home.

Cynthia Boudreau makes tradition her life by taking on the tradition of sewing from her grandmother as her artistic practice in her wool and silk wearable fabric art.

Sherri Lee Butler and Nicole Owen engage into a larger debate of good and evil, positive and negative energy, oneness with divine and letting go of one’s egos.

Susan Joseph and Theresa Suchy McGraw turn all their negative energies inwards and come out with meditative pieces, the former has poetry, art and dance as a performance piece and the latter has a mandala part self portrait of a woman who leads with her heart.

On display in the show is also the permanent exhibit of paintings of member artists including those in the show and also of Barbara Lipkin and Kelly O’ Connell.

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