Art Quench Shares Ram Commercial “Farmer”

Art Quench Shares Ram commercial “Farmer”

When we talk about creative advertising we are questioned about what kind of content does the viewer want?  In the case of the Super Bowl, the viewer seems to desire commercials with either the ” Big Laugh” or something that touches us inside where the content makes you look a little deeper inward than the average emotional safe place we move in and out of constantly in our daily lives.  For just a moment or two on the day of the Super Bowl millions of viewers may have made an emotional self discovery from this most creative piece of film.  We know we did.  Thank you “Ram” for sharing with us what we call a great piece of art.


  1. Well said!!! This really hits home for a deeper meaning and a courage to put art out in the world knowing it wasnt for everybody. Great commercial, great homage you did here as well


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