Art Quench Gallery Resident Artist Peter Schachter’s Solo Show

Art Quench Gallery Announces Resident Artist Peter Schachter’s Solo Show “3rd Stone”

Peter Schachter’s solo show, “3rd Stone,” is on display at The Upstairs Gallery, 213 Greenwood Avenue, Bethel CT, Jan. 28th through March 14th. Artists were selected by jury by the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut to participate in the Accessible Art 2013 project. Schachter’s exhibit features landscapes, portraits of iconic figures, cropped studies of motorcycles, and urban-Scapes. All the artwork has been created utilizing iPad/iPhone touchscreen technology.


The Upstairs Gallery at Molten Java (2)

Peter Schachter photo

I am an artist who creates work on an iPad. I draw free-hand starting with a blank canvas/screen, and while I often use a photograph as a reference point, drawing is the central technical element of my work. Touch screen technology as an artist’s medium is an intimate one. This is more based on the tactile experience of fingertip/stylus on screen than the small scale of the available drawing surface. with the development of sophisticated artists’ applications, I have been able to infuse many virtual media into my more recent and detailed works. I was trained in the traditional methods of observation,drawing and painting, under the tutelage of Mitchell Siporin (American painter,20th century)and Peter Grippe(American sculpture,20th century) my ability to discern form,hue,light and shade was set in motion. I was later mentored by Stanley Kaplan (American printmaker and mixed media wood carver).

Peter Danbury Stone (2)

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