SeaWorld Rescues OVER 36,000 Animals and Counting

We’re committed to helping animals across the globe.

For more than 50 years, animal rescue and rehabilitation has been the heart of SeaWorld. From habitat protection and supporting ocean health initiatives to our many rescue and rehabilitation efforts SeaWorld is part of conservation projects across the globe. This is our mission and we want to inspire others to take action and join us in the efforts to save wild animals and wild places.

For over 55 years, SeaWorld continues to educate the public about the importance of rescue and conservation work to inspire curiosity, care and action. We are proud to be a world leader in marine mammal rescue and have rescued more than 36,000 animals and counting. So much appreciation goes to our animal care experts, who work around the clock to rehabilitate these animals in our SeaWorld facilities so that we can return them back to the wild.


Amazing Animal Exhibits

Meet orcas, belugas, otters, walruses, sharks, sea turtles, bat rays, sea lions, pilot whales, penguins, dolphins, flamingos, eels, tropical birds and more incredible animals at SeaWorld.

Beluga whales are entirely arctic and subarctic. They inhabit the Arctic Ocean and its adjoining seas. During certain times of the year they are also found in large rivers. A beluga’s “melon” is a rounded structure on the dorsal surface of a whale’s head, just in front of the blowhole. The melon probably facilitates sound production. It changes shape when the whale is producing sounds. Aside from the narwhal (another arctic species), beluga whales are the only other member of the Monodontidae whale family. 

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Best Thrill & Family Rides in San Diego

Experience the heart-pounding thrills of Electric Eel, a multi-launch coaster with high-energy twists, electrifying loops and inversions, or Manta, with two thrilling launches that send riders soaring and diving in the spirit of world’s largest ray. Make a splash and cool off on Shipwreck Rapids! For kid-friendly fun, families are invited to enjoy Tentacle TwirlSea Dragon DropOctarock and Aqua Scout, plus Elmo’s Flying FishOscar’s Rockin’ Eel, and Abby’s Sea Star Spin located in Sesame Street® Bay of Play!

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Delicious Dining Experiences

With plenty of outdoor seating, you are in for a treat with a wide variety of chef-designed food items like specialty Kickn’ Fried Shrimp, Honey Glazed Salmon, Hot Honeyracha Chicken Wings, BBQ Brisket Tacos, Loaded Nachos, and more.
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Local Craft Brews, Wine & More

All New! Glow Bar

Electric Ocean goers ages 21+ are invited to recharge at this vibrant outdoor lounge. Luminous cocktails, alcohol-infused fruit sorbet, and other treats will get your taste buds dancing!

Electric Ocean

When the sun goes down, the night fires up at SeaWorld’s Electric Ocean. Stay late all summer to immerse yourself in exotic worlds of light and music and experience your favorite SeaWorld attractions in a whole new way. Join playful, glowing sea creatures and world-class DJs for a family-friendly dance party beneath the waves. Then end the night with Ignite, a fireworks spectacular that brings the brilliance of the sea to the sky above. Put a charge in your summer at SeaWorld’s vibrant Electric Ocean. June 11 – September 6 beginning at 4:00pm.

Electric Ocean is included with park admission – view our best ticket offers.


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