Tracy Park Gallery and 232AMProjects Presents JIM “TAZ” EVANS Waiting On The Future \\ A RETROSPECTIVE \\

Tracy Park Gallery and 232AMProjects Presents

Art & Collaboration
Jim “TAZ” Evans / A Mini-Retrospective
TRACY PARK GALLERY July 26 – August 23

Artist Reception Saturday, July 31, 6:00 to 10:00 pm

Malibu County Mart

2nd Floor

23410 Civic Center Way, Malibu, CA 90265

Tel 424-279-0147

There are many more futures than we realize. The past is littered with the debris of these lost futures, while the present incorporates the collective memory of our utopian dreams that have long since been abandoned. During decades of engaging this uncharted landscape of signs and symbols, Jim “TAZ” Evans has assembled a formidable body of work. Working in familiar forms of media like, album covers, rock and film posters, magazine illustrations, comic books, graffiti painting, street art, and digital imagery, Evans has turned his commercial work into an ongoing visual manifesto, while making more traditional forms of painting into large-scale statements of cultural obsession. Jim’s art transforms the visual tropes of science fiction, dystopian visions, cartoons, martial arts films, robots, technology, and tattoo art into an artistic statement that defies category.

Artist Jim “TAZ” Evans, began his career in the San Francisco underground rock scene. He has illustrated comics, album covers, rock and film posters, magazines, and has appeared in numerous books. More recently he has expanded his work into fine art, limited editions, murals, and digital art. Evans is also the founder of TAZ, a legendary design collective which is responsible for hundreds of gig posters, album covers, and rock ephemera. TAZ has turned out numerous posters for bands like Foo Fighters, U2, Oasis, Janes Addiction, Green Day, Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys, Ramones, and Metallica, as well as doing several high-profile album jackets for Beastie Boys, Beck, Aerosmith, House of Pain, Neil Young, and The Allman Bros. Evans / TAZ work has been exhibited in galleries worldwide, and featured in numerous books, articles, and interviews. He has appeared in gallery shows with RISK, Defer, Slick, Saber, and Estevan Oriol. He also recently collaborated with graffiti legend RISK to do murals for Sony, Warner Bros., and Orion Pictures, creating large-scale street art activations to promote film releases.

Tracy Park Gallery in Malibu, is committed to introducing the latest in contemporary art and photography, and is excited to present Jim’s work in an ambitious mini retrospective that will showcase a decades long engagement with the cultural imperative by creating art that is useful, challenging, and visually without peer in scope, style, and subject matter. This show will prove that the medium can be the entire message.

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