Find out why Gordon Ramsay follows Cooking host Stacia Gates

Founder of ArtQuench decided to create a simple cooking show for quick and easy ways to make great meals for friends and family and Gordon Ramsay likes it!

“I have had success with so many things and I feel very blessed. I feel it is now time for me to start my bucket list and so I just recently began creating some backyard videos showing simple creative ways to serve your loved ones a wonderful meal. I was absolutely honored when Gordon Ramsay liked it and followed me on twitter! It was an adrenaline kick of pure inspiration! There is nothing fancy here just me sharing recipes and letting anything happen, and having a good laugh because life is short, so here we go! -S.G.”

Watch the video here and we hope you find some inspiration of your own.

Believe in yourself because you are capable of so much!

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