The Story Behind Fairyella Ice Pops is a Great Example of the Dedication of Those Who are Helping Create Better Food Choices Using Organic Ingredients

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Kimberli Haris and The Story of Fairyella Ice Pops

This entrepreneur will stop at nothing, for her passion runs deep and her endless dedication is creating a nationwide notice of the very best organic ice pop healthy treat that exists!

From mom groups to farmers markets then on to 14 stores in the first year after winning the “Whole Foods Small Producers Grant” Fairyella Ice Pops are quickly becoming a household name.

Fairyella Ice Pops are paving the future for our children by reducing obesity and diabetes risk with low calorie and sugar content. Fairyella Ice Pops are also donating time and product to organizations and events aligned with cancer and diabetes prevention and nutrition education through local community, schools and hospitals.

I spoke with Kimberli Haris and found a woman whose heart is full of love and dedication not only for her family but for the greater good of everyone. -S.G.

Fairyella Ice Pops are Vegan Certified, frozen treats carefully handcrafted from Organic Certified, locally sourced, fresh fruit and vegetables we puree or squeeze.  No added stabilizers, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, just fresh, wholesome juice. Only 2 of our flavors contain a touch of agave or organic sugar and each Fairyella Ice Pop contains no more than 5 grams of sugar and less than 30 calories!  Each Ice Pop is gluten free, non-gmo, dairy free, peanut free, soy free and not from concentrates.

As the Founder and Chief Juice Ninja of Fairyella Ice Pops, I was inspired to create these delicious treats when my youngest son was teething, and I wanted something to ease his pain. I discovered that almost every frozen treat had loads of high fructose corn syrup, concentrates, artificial flavors and dyes. At the time, I was already well into my juicing journey.  I had been using juice as a way to provide vital nutrients and hydration for my Mom who was undergoing treatment for stage 4 breast cancer.

My Mom only had three months to live, and I credit the juices for helping to prolong her life another three years and I was excited about all the benefits we were getting from the juice I made for her.  I challenged myself to make the tastiest juices with the lowest amount of sugar possible and healing properties.

The raw juices are packed with nutrients and flavor resulting in a product that needs very little to no sweetening and we boast the lowest calorie and sugar content of any popsicle in the $2 billion frozen novelty industry.  This makes them attractive to all ages especially people going through medical treatments or people who have an illness that prevents them from eating solid foods.

Fairyella Ice Pops are paving the future for our kids by reducing obesity and diabetes risk with our low calorie and sugar content.  They are not on a stick and are packaged like an otter pop which makes them more attractive to kids of all ages. Being a single unit sale also makes them very unique from other frozen novelties and attractive as a grab and go option.

Fairyella Ice Pops donates her time and product to organizations and events aligned with cancer and diabetes prevention and nutrition education through her local community, schools and hospitals.  She is involved with a non profit, Defending the Endangered; protecting animals from poaching and trophy hunting. She also donates all our Green Waste from juicing to the animals at the Oakland Zoo as a sustainable manufacturer and is am planning to release compostable packaging in 2019.

Before her passing Kimberli’s mother wrote a book for her grandchildren. When Kimberli was a child her mother used to write her stories and letters about her tooth fairy Fairyella and so the Adventures of Fairyella were born.

Martha Haris and Kimberli Haris


Every child, all over the world, loses a tooth now and again. There are many fairies, even tooth fairies, but with no identity. We wish to give all children, Fairyella the Tooth Fairy, with her companion Dragonfly Floyd and their never-ending adventures.


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