Life is Good for New Country Artist Mark Bray, he debuts his new single “For Love” and it’s moving up the music charts quickly!

ArtQuench Interviews Country Artist Mark Bray

and finds a guy that gets what life is really all about.

For Mark “The Dream” of sharing his music with the world he says… “comes with many life lessons.” “It’s about the journey” He gets it! He understands that all the little wonderful things and not so wonderful things along the way is what is important. Mark says…”It’s how we grow”. 

-Stacia Gates

As most of you know, I am extremely sensitive to others and spiritual and what I found in Mark is a soul that was gifted from heaven to inspire us with his music. Inspired by those who came before him, Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, James Taylor and Jimmy Buffet, he says he owes a lot to his mom Maureen and his dad John for always being there and the love and support he has always had. Mark grew up and played as most young boys do. His dad was in the Army and Mark spent much of his childhood in Germany from the age of 6 to 11. From the age of 11 until adulthood Mark lived in South Florida just West of the Everglades. He feels lucky to have lived near the woods where he could explore and discover.

Mark with his Dad

Mark with his Mom


Mark picked up a guitar and played in a band in High School and did all the things you needed to do to begin to learn how this whole music business works. He said that when he first started out most of the band members were much older than he was and that he even had to fire someone from the band and “Wow!” he said….”That was something I’ll never forget” There is a little more to that story but for now we will keep it private. Mark says if he would have had the success he has now back then it would have not been good as he says… “I was just not ready”. “I needed to grow and learn, play a lot of places and hit the road with some bumps along the way that helped me to get to today” “If I would have been given the success then I would either be dead or broke!”.

Mark and Erin

Mark says “If someone would have told me five years ago that I would be married to my beautiful wife Erin and have my amazing daughter Charlotte today, I would have said you are crazy!” “I couldn’t be happier!”.

Mark and Charlotte

With his hard work ethic, non-stop grind and great family support not to mention two singles on the radio and moving up the music charts, he is destined for great success. Mark says although his life is taking off into a new and exciting adventure with his music career he says that “time is precious and it moves quickly” and he doesn’t want to miss out on the things that mean the most to him like as he said, “watching my daughter place her hands on her bottle for the very first time while I was feeding her”, he says “I can literally watch her grow by the moment”. When he is not working he spends as much time as he can with his wife and daughter. I can feel a new song brewing.

It is wonderful how the journey brings us what we need if we are positive and open to it. For those of you pushing hard to make your dreams happen….Remember to enjoy the ride getting there.

-Stacia Gates

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