Great News! The AQM 2018 Masters Edition Art Book Has Been Published

ArtQuench Magazine is Excited to Announce

The AQM 2018 Masters Edition II has been published!

Now you can view many of the world’s best creatives in this beautiful, high quality coffee table art book. 

Congratulations! To the winner of the cover art contest

Celeste Rickert!

Listed are the names of the participating artists;

Alex Louie, Betsy Stewart, Celeste Rickert, Chris Reisert,

Daigiang Nguyen, Daud & Barbara Khan, David F. Horton,

Doina Cotfas, Elaine Shepherd Rexdale, Elena Kupreeva,

Eliora Bousquet, ElizabethCox, Geoffrey Brandon, 

Gert Meindertsma, Giacomo Ghianni, Greer Jonas,

J’Tailyn Mullins, Jane Gottlieb, John H. Hughey,

Kathy Curtis Cahill, Raymond Perez, ROZ, Stacia Gates,

Stephanie Holznecht, Suzannah Schreckhise

and Tadas Zaicikas

There are many amazing artists who entered the cover art contest

and were given “Special Recognition” in the

ArtQuench Magazine 2018 Masters Edition II Art book!

Listed are the artists names given special recognition;

Arris Grace Hodge, Betsy Stewart, Carole Boyd,

Dimou Spiridoula, Doina Cotfas, Elaine Hunter,

Elizabeth Cox, Geoffrey Brandon, Grady Zeeman,

Greer Jonas, Haley Rovak, Jane Gottlieb, Jerry Gadd,

Kimberly Gerry-Tucker, Lisa Batts, Micha Nussinov,

Nancy Belle, Raymond Perez, ROZ, Sami Gjuka,

Soufiane Kennous, Stephanie Holznecht, Stephen Mimms,

Strychnyne, Sue Morin and Therese Boisclair

You can view the entire book and order a copy by clicking HERE (Just click on “Preview” and click each page to turn.

Winning contest submitted image

Cover Winner Celeste Rickert

“So much of art is connecting with our souls. I focus, I pray, I listen and I create. The passion behind my artwork is fueled through faith and the process of bringing life to those who have passed over. It is a spiritual movement that can only be felt. Too often our loved ones, friends, pets, icons and hero’s have left this earth. Knowing my portraits bring a small piece of joy to many, fulfills a piece of my heart that is priceless. I began this journey 12 years ago my junior of college and through it all, have come to find my calling. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and if so, I do believe portraits live to tell that truth. Whether living or deceased, many of us will never fully know the secrets and stories a soul withholds. As for me, drawing them will keep lighting this fire to continue my dream. Cheers to finding your purpose and never stop growing.”

View Celeste Rickert’s Artwork on pages 4-7 in the ArtQuench Magazine 2018 Masters Edition II Art book…

and at


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