Love Ghost Plays The Echo

Love Ghost Plays in LA

ArtQuench Correspondent Kiri Stevens Attends

“They had the sold out crowd rooting and watching them in awe.”

Anyone who knows me knows that I love all things music, so when I heard that Love Ghost was performing in LA again and I was finally able to attend their show I was so excited to go and check out this up and coming indie rock band in a live show that was presented by SPACELAND and also featured Sleeptalk and Groves at the Echo on January 27th!

  It was my first time seeing a show at The Echo and from the moment I stepped foot in the building it reminded me of all things rock & roll and I loved the atmosphere and the variety of music fans that dig the music scene in Los Angeles. LA is truly the place to be to see all the greatest artists and bands perform live and this evening was truly no exception!

 Love Ghost is an LA based alternative rock band with so much edge and so much talent.  They are a quartet and all very young and have a 90’s grunge Nirvana/Smashing Pumpkins esque vibe, but their sound is so authentic, raw and purely unique and you can see their natural talent when you watch them perform live!  They had the sold out crowd rooting and watching them in awe.  They were charming, on point and totally rocking out with the crowd.  They are total rock stars and I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more from them as time goes on.  They have performed all over LA, including “The Roxy” on Sunset Boulevard.  They’ve been making their rounds performing and touring and releasing great tracks along with videos and truly have their own unique sound, which is what makes them stand out and they will go super far as a band because you can feel their passion and see it in their eyes!

  A little bit more about this LA based award winning band (Hollywood Music in Media Award for Alternative Artist 2017): The lead vocalist/guitarist/pianist is the charming Finnegan Bell.  Viola is played by the super adorable and talented Mya Greene.  Bass and Vocals by the awesome Ryan Stevens.  And the superb drum skills by Samson Young!  I would recommend catching these kids live on their next show (February 23rd @ M Special Brewery) and you can stay in touch with all things Love Ghost on their social media pages below and you can get their EP “Love Ghost Volume 1” which includes their hits “Forgive me” and “Mystery Box” on i-tunes right now!  Love Ghost was excellent and I can’t wait to see what’s next for them!

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