LA Art Show 2018 The Genius of Inspiration

Hollywood and The World of Art come together for the 23rd Annual LA Art show benefiting St. Jude’s Children Research 

By ArtQuench Correspondent KIRI S. STEVENS 

On Wednesday, January 10, Hollywood and stars from the world of Art collided at the beautiful  LA convention center for the Opening Night Star studded gala hosted by Mad Men actor John Hamm for the 23rd Annual LA Art Show to a record breaking audience.

Every single proceed (all 100%) from the VIP Vanguard and Patron Ticket purchases in addition to 15% of the Friends ticket sales went to benefit the lifesaving mission of the St. Jude’s Children Research hospital and there was a beautiful VIP section for St. Jude’s and speeches made by the president as well as the events host John Hamm, on the importance of the lives that are saved everyday for St. Jude’s Research. So moving and necessary to keep this going.


Jon Hamm Image provided by getty images

  Several other celebrities and VIPs were in attendance as well such as last years host actress Emma Roberts, Matthew Modine, Amber Stevens (“Ghosted”), Anthony Hemingway(“Underground”), Jay Duplass, Aldis Hodge (who was also premiering his work for the first time) and many, many more and they were all here for it.


Walking through the entire show was more than deep, special inspiration for me that goes beyond words that I can express. January is known to be Art month in Los Angeles but it’s always Art life in the beautiful city of Los Angeles and you really have to go back more than once to really soak it all in and absorb the abstract, unique, rare, shocking, beautiful, thought provoking, and genius masterpieces that are created and displayed here ranging from over 100 art galleries and artists and 20 countries from all over the world.

The LA Art Show covers modern and contemporary art via paintings, works on paper, photography, video, design, performance, installation, live art and dance and sculptures just to name a few.

At the opening night premiere party we were able to witness so much, some brand new and some returning artists with their work and my mind was blown as there are too many special ones to list here but some of my standouts were Antuan Rodriguez’ “Left or Right” punching bags, and Bunnie Reiss’ Spaceboat in Littletopia just to name two,  but I would like to list every single artist here if I could.

The 23rd Annual LA Art Show was so special and a magical experience for me.  There are several photos here of some of the best but you really have to physically experience these in person to be as affected as I was. So inspired.

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