Artist Jennifer Bentson Is on the Move!

Artist Jennifer Bentson is inspiring those who may be afraid to take the next step in their artistic journey. Jennifer’s story gives spirit and hope to all creatives.

The Artist Arises from the Counselor

Jennifer Bentson re-invented herself after a wonderful 35-year career as a counselor and business owner.
The trip has been an adventure and certainly one for the adventurous spirit.

The artist in Jennifer Bentson was born atop a mountain in Arizona.  Jennifer loved to backpack the beautiful ranges of forest near the University of Arizona where she attended college.  Owning a camera did not deter her: she bought a set of watercolor paints for $7 and began painting the beautiful scenery of the desert.  The hobby grew, well nurtured with classes, art groups, and exhibitions.

In 1995 Jennifer was diagnosed with a fatal form of cancer.  She gave away all of her artwork in preparation for the worst.  But, thanks to Amgen and a clinical trial, Jennifer survived the treatments and lives a healthy life.  What has she done with her 22 extra years of life?

“California Oaks as Art”
This project was initiated by Jennifer Bentson.  She began taking figure drawing classes after the death of her dear husband.  “I was looking for something to fill my time”.  Art became a home for Jennifer’s heart and time.  And, blending the figure of the human being with an oak tree seemed to be a way to touch nature and be touched by nature.

Jennifer says, If you see the tree as a part of yourself, then you can see that we are all entwined in nature and the world.  When I paint oak trees, I feel a certain character in that oak.   This is the ecology of ourselves projected onto nature.

Jennifer Bentson has had over 50 exhibitions, had over 5 solo shows, has 2 books published of her work, she has produced over 10 shows, has written numerous articles for professional art periodicals, traveled the world learning art from local artists, and has created pubic art as well.  Her education in art spans the study of oil painting, watercolor painting, Chinese brush painting, plein air painting, as well as the basics.