Odd Nights at the Autry TONIGHT!

Come Join Us and the Many Happenings Tonight!

With the Odd Market at the Autry

Bring the kids and the dog to this amazing event that is sure to have enjoyment for everyone!

Live music, kids fun area, great food and shopping!

ArtQuench Magazine ODD Nights at the Autry May 20, 2016

The Odd Market at the Autry is truly spectacular. The property is on 2 and a half acres in heart of Griffith Park. There’s a ton of parking or you could even ride your horse in, seriously. Admission is only $2 and kids under 12 are Free. Free Parking! Located directly across from the L.A. Zoo. And we’ll be offering special promos for those of you who have never been in the Autry Museum. Full Bar too!

Gourmet Food Trucks. Live Music & Guest DJ’s, Full Bar, Picnic Area and Kids Area.

Free Parking. $2 Admission.

Odd nights image 76odd nights at the autry 79 Aug 19 2016

Music at the Autry


ODD Nights 88

Dreamy Creations Cupcake truck coming to Odd Nights!

Odd nights at the autry 78 Aug 19 2016

2X Winners of Food Networks show Cupcake wars is coming to you! This Friday catch their amazing cupcakes, icecream cupcakes, and frozen custard.  From creme brûlée, to campfire these creations are not to be passed up! #oddmarketla #oddnightsattheautry #theautry #artquench

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The curated work of Indigenous Artists

Odd Nights 108

The curated work of Indigenous Artists, Huichol, Maya, Zapotec will be represented.  I visit these artists and have been supporting several families through direct representation.  I put the money in their hands and then the sales of their work enables me to put more $$ into their hands.  These are all pre-Hispanic traditional arts; my MO is to help the young people to learn and continue these traditional arts.  Please come and visit me in Booth 8. #oddmarketla #oddnightsattheautry #theautry

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ArtQuench ODD Nights at the Autry 02

More Information at The Odd Market



ArtQuench is Holding a Contest and in November 2016 One Lucky Winner

Will have the ArtQuench TV crew come to their space and film an interview

all about what they do. 




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