ArtQuench Shares A Child’s Need

Hope, Love and Peace

Is what we all wish for especially at this time of year and sometimes there are special prayers that need our help to be fulfilled.

ArtQuench prays that every child is to be well and have daily hugs full of love.

We thank you for your prayers and support and may peace be with you all!

Lil’ Noah Fundraiser

Noah Lil Noah 01

Writing an email like this isn’t easy for me. However, we will do anything for our kids. This email is such a case. Thanks for reading it:

A few years ago, I pulled paintings from my private collection to help raise funds for Little Noah’s special needs therapy. It has helped a great deal. We are at another crucial point in his development. He has made incredible progress and we thank everyone for their part in helping us get to this point. We have the incredible opportunity provide him therapy through a special learning center. Currently we homeschool Noah and this learning center fits his needs for intensive therapy helping his nervous system, auditory processing, speech and cognitive structuring. When we had Noah tested and assessed it revealed that his nervous system was in a “fight or flight” mode all the time. This made “learning” difficult for him. He didn’t understand what came in his mind, then would try to process fragments of communication and then a difficult time verbalizing it. The other area of challenge we hope to provide freedom for him is in social communication. He has made progress in all of these areas but this new center can provide the extensive therapy needed for his success. This center will remove the impairments on his nervous system allowing him to become settled and the flight or flight removed. His neuron connections will be enhanced and built allowing for processing to become less fractured. His speech and social skills equipping him for success.

Noah Lil Noah 05Noah Lil Noah 04

The goal: Chantel and I do not want to finance this treatment for Noah. We desire to be free and clear. However it is expensive and will provide him services through fall of next year. My goal was for the art to be a great memory of your support in helping Noah.

Noah Lil Noah Family 02

So, here’s what I am going to do: I have pulled 23 original paintings from my private collection. I have lowered the price significantly to where I’m practically giving them away. All of the halo series are works that are one of a kind originals. Each work has been posted on my online store on a first come first basis. I will leave these originals up through the weekend at these prices but our hope is that they will be gone.

Once purchased, I will be having each worked framed with a brand new frame. The image will then be shipped to you or you are welcome to pick up the piece at our location. We are anticipating delivery by end of January.

Thanks again for your willingness to help and partner with us on this journey. We are super proud of him.

Click here to view the paintings. Blessings to you.

Noah Hope Is Eternal

Hope Is Eternal

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