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Eliza Drilling shares her inspiring story

about finding her way through the unexpected turns.

There are many roads we take in our journey and giving and receiving love and inspiration is what keeps us going. We hope this story inspires you and that today you will inspire someone. -S.G.

Eliza Drilling  Sketch142104958


“Straight on Till Morning” – digital image 2014


Eliza Drilling scan0001


Me and my Pappy – Canoe trip 1985?

I had a very fun childhood.  My parents were big on summer cross country vacations and seeing and doing everything we could in between stops. These trips sparked a lot of imagination in my little mind which I still like to fuel today by traveling whenever I can.

Eliza Drilling OF05-010-2


Dremel’ing out a wood sculpture in my dad’s garage 2005

High school opened my eyes to what art was all about, and once that happened I could not get enough! I had to take every class and learn every medium.  That carried on into college until I FINALLY settled into illustration and sculpture for my majors.

Eliza Drilling P1020022


“Three Musicians” Cast Iron sculpture 2006

But even though I figured out what I wanted to do with my life, I had no direction. I loved making art, but had no idea how to carry that with me out in the real world.   After graduating with my Bachelors in Fine Art, I decided to jump into the job market pool and see what I could find that would make me happy. Unfortunately that’s right when the recession hit and that pool turned into a stagnant telemarketing job.

Eliza drilling 100_0537-2


“Three Musicians” – Oil pastel 24×30” 2006

A couple of years went by and slowly my artistic drive shriveled away to near nonexistence.  That’s when a friend finally convinced me to participate in a Chalk Art festival out in Iowa. Every artist was given an 8 x 10’ square, a box of chalk pastel and let loose to create whatever whim they desired. This was a big turning point for me. Completely unsure what I was going to draw at this festival I sat down and started sketching for the first time in who knows how long.  That’s when I FINALLY turned off the serious side of my artistic training and learned to let go and just have fun!  The little characters that came out of that moment have been a part of my life ever since (as has the festival).

Eliza Drilling mmm



“Flutterby” – digital image 2012

Since then, my work has become more whimsical and more… me.  I finally found a niche as a freelance artist with a fun lineup of commissions that recently got me hired to illustrate my first children’s book.  I couldn’t be more excited!

Eliza Drilling  P1100377

Mural commission – acrylic paint 14 x 9’ 2014

Eliza Drilling OF12-013

“Lawrence Makes a Discovery” – chalk pastel 12 x 10’ 2010

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