ArtQuench Publishes “Creative Masters I “

ArtQuench Announces;

“Creative Masters I” is now available to the public!

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This special edition is a collection of the world’s best

original creatives. If you are a collector of original art or

an art lover with appreciation for originality then

you will definitely want to view this issue.

Both hard copies and digital versions are available.

Digital versions are only 6.00

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“Many Opportunities For Artists and Photographers at ArtQuench”

AQM Creative Masters CoverGold  2015

The participating artists were chosen from a great many submissions. ArtQuench found these artistic and photographic talented creatives to be exceptional in originality and quality and gave an inspirational impression.

Michael Romero is our Cover Winner!

Mike was born on January 29, 1992 in Santa Fe New Mexico, from an early toddler age his talent as an artist was realized by his Uncle, Joseph Romero, where they both would work side by side sketching in pencil.  Amazed by the ability of his nephew and easily recognized as more then just a gift, the entire family took interest into Mike’s talent.  Growing up on a ranch there was little to do but to be creative with his time, this is where his unique talents were supported by his grandparents with loving support, a stress free childhood and the materials to create something magnificent.

Going through school he was always different when it came to art, both classmates and teachers thought of it as a blessing he had been born with and knew that something great would come of it.

“He knew it, we all knew it, this day was going to come, he was born to do his!”

With no formal art training other than grade school Romero was fascinated by art styles. In 2011 he was introduced to the art work of Jackson Pollock.

“Pollock’s works made with just splashes of color was instrumental in making me the artist I am today.  When first viewed it looked like any child could do this, but when you really look at a Pollock there is order to his chaos. While his colors were splashed and dripped, they really did create a brilliance of light and texture that is appealing to look at.”

After experimenting and failing repeatedly, giving up never crossed Romero’s mind he was confident and hopeful that he would achieve the style of art work that was already clearly laid out in his head.  That same night he came up with a concept of forging a tiny coil which was influenced by the Tesla coil.  He assumed this would be the perfect shape o allow he flowing of paint in a controlled manner while at the same time retaining larger quantities of paint.  The style Abstract impressionism meets Realism came to life, a style that brought two masters together in collaboration…Claude Monet and Jackson Pollock.

His works were brought to the attention of Artist Group International, David Smith, and Chris DeRubeis after posing a few images on  DeRubeis called David Smith immediately upon seeing Romero’s images.  Smith who discovered such artists as Christian lassen, Michael Godard, Chris DeRubeis, Patrick Guyton, Craig Tracy, Colleen Black and many others, new that this was a new style that would change the way people view fine art.  DeRubeis who is one of the top selling artists of his time and inventor of his won style also knew this kid had something special about him.

“I have always been attracted to artwork that is unique and different than hat is normally shown in Fine Art Galleries.  I always look for the artist that creates a new style.  Romero did just that by combining two masters techniques and making a style all his own.” -Smith said in an interview in 2013

Today Michael Romero’s artwork is enjoyed by people from all over the globe and is truly the next Great Master.

About Romero’s innovative syle

Romero starts by using a tool he made from copper wire.  He then dips this tool into large quantities of paint and lets the paint fall off onto the canvas.  After a layer of dripped paint is applied Romero typically waits 10-15min before it has a dry top shell, only then can he continue adding another layer. At the beginning it looks like an ordinary Pollock type painting looking very messy and abstract but after hundreds of layers, the piece is finally completed.  When you take a step back the results are breath taking, a master piece is created!

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