RAW Hollywood TONIGHT! Featuring Film Maker Emily O’ Brien

RAW Hollywood Presents


Featuring film maker Emily O’ Brien

And many more amazing creative people

6:00 -10:00 pm (21 and over)

Another Great Event at Boulevard 3

6523 Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles, Ca. 90028


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Your Host 

Jessie F. Daniels

Co-Host of the online podcast ERNIEandJESSE.com, Jesse has taken the show from its grassroots start-up to its 5th Season. Jesse is on-air on EDM/Dance radio station Pulse 87 Sunday nights. His weekly show “The Underground” features interviews with up and coming indie artists & DJs in the EDM community. Recognized as the Gringo that speaks Spanish, he has also produced shows, segments, and booked talent for Spanish radio station KXOS in Los Angeles. While working with RAWartists Jesse has been the primary host for showcases in Hollywood, Riverside, Long Beach and Los Angeles. JFD is also the voice behind the RAWdio podcast hosting interviews with various artists nationwide and from around the world (http://rawartists.org/RAWdio). He has a 4 year old daughter and is a SAG eligible actor.


Emily O’ Brien

I am entirely inspired by inspiration itself, anything that provokes a reaction or emotion through art, performance, music… Which is why working within the film industry allows me to not only do that to others, but experience myself as well.

RAW Hollywood film maker Beatrice Poster


Emily is showing her short film entitled “Beatrice” 

Beatrice is a short film about an introverted girl who leaves reality to daydream

and escape from the dark realities of life.

Beatrice is now up on Indieflix! Please watch and rate our film on the site if you could!

 Click Image

She is also showing a teaser trailer of her new movie called “Pernicious”

Coming out in select theaters June 19th! 

RAW Hollywood film maker Emily O' Brien Pernicious Poster







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