ArtQuench Presents Olivier Lamboray

Olivier Lamboray Wins The Cover

Of AQM Issue “Two”


aqm cover volume 1 issue 2

aq Olivier Lamboray Vent-de-Knokke_big+Bords



winning image ;

Vent de Knokke

acrylic on canvas, 87 cm x 53 cm

Internationally award winning, Olivier Lamboray is a Belgian surrealist painter currently living in Indonesia with his 6 years old daughter. He began painting in 1992 and has had to date, numerous exhibitions in Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam, Bali, and broadly in Belgium and France. Surrealism is very present in Belgian culture and fascinated him since his early years …



Jeu  d’ Elegance

acrylic on canvas, 50 cm x 70 cm

After 22 years of work, study and research, I finally managed to lighten my architectures,  breaking walls, out of the rigidness of the street and open up to deeper horizons. I prefer my architectures to evaporate, and mix with the clouds, with the decor, more peaceful sensation of this dual world we live in, between dream and reality. A compassionate approach of this world, where the value of animals is transmitted by their presence in my stories as an integral part of my life. Love, blowing a positive blue wind enchants the scenery, and the presence of a huge Moon, connecting us to the Greatness of the Universe.
Continuous search for balance between illusion and reality, these two worlds come together in a rich work of love and colors, a journey that takes us where the dream enchants and the heart flourishes.

aq Olivier Lamboray The-New-Ark_big


The New Ark

acrylic on canvas, 60 cm x 103 cm 

Recently I have been working quite often on commissioned works and I love it. It allows me to deepen myself in another reality, not belonging to me, it opens new doors, it opens the mind, it is always a challenge and always I have been praised by the commissioner for the final result.

Being so focused on the depth of the story and the preciseness of fine details, my production is not into quantity but into quality…

aq Olivier Lamboray conte-rose-surru00E9alisme-toulouse-Assu00E9zat-Big


Le Conte Rose

acrylic on canvas, 55 cm x 99 cm 

Every painting leads me closer to who I really am, a balance of pure freedom in a loving reality even if I realize that maturity flourish with some more political and critical approach of the subject.

It’s a journey
And it’s amazing

This is where I am …”


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