ArtQuench Correspondent Jennifer Bentson Visits The Aquarium of the Pacific

No SCUBA Gear Required

Jennifer Bentson

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The Aquarium of the Pacific is opening their doors

to a Fabulous Event on Friday, February 13, 2015 

 Night Dive is a party around the tanks of fish. There is music, art,
cocktails, and more. The spirit of the ocean is celebrated throughout the Aquarium with
significant artists from all over the Southland. The February theme is “odd couples” and
a variety of artists will be juried in for this one night event.


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Miranda Castillo, Art Curator, said there will be a combination of new and returning

artists conducting demonstrations of their creative process at this upcoming event.
One notable community artist of Long Beach, who will be featured at Night Dive for his
second time, uses found palm fronds to fashion penguins, giraffes and other animals.
Glen Mann is well known for decorating the streets of Long Beach with his palm frond
art. Some other significant artists such as Lori LaMont and Mallory Morrison have been
featured at Night Dive in the past.
Ms. Castillo indicated that this February’s Night Dive explores love from a nonstereotypical
viewpoint. Love will be viewed from artists that depict relationships that
are not often explored in terms of Valentine’s Day; friendship, mother and child, love
of a pet, love of a same sex relationship, etc. Additionally, there are “odd” symbiotic
relationships in the sea, as in the: Clownfish and Anemones, Butterfish and Sea
Jellies, Cleaner Shrimp and Groupers, Pearlfish and Sea Cucumbers, and Sharks and
Remoras. The theme is broad and Miranda is excited to see what artists submit for this
This event offers unique art opportunities. The Art Curator said that so many people
want to take “selfies” during these events, that there is a category for artists to enter
to create stations for “selfies.” Miranda says that the arts are very important to the
Aquarium of the Pacific and she is looking for a lot of diversity with mediums and
expression. Miranda has curated the art portion of this event for the last 2 years. She
said she loves to celebrate the Long Beach community and arts culture, which is what
Night Dive is all about. Over the last 5 years, Night Dive has attracted up to 1200
attendees in a single night. She said the relaxed, entertaining atmosphere, which
includes bars, food trucks, and more brings people together. The February event will
feature a drag show and the bands: The Radioactive Chicken Heads, Rudy De Anda
(Wild Pack of Canaries) and Space Shuttle to Nicaragua. (Dj)misterbill, Sean Sanchez
(Dirty Epic/Frenzy), Chris Ziegler (LA Record) and The Almighty Nectar will DJ as well.
Aquarium of the Pacific is located at

100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802 
Phone:(562) 590-3100.
Night Dive is from 7PM to 11PM for adults 18 and older

and costs only $14.95 per person

with a flat rate parking in the structure of $8.00.

The scene is both outside and inside the Aquarium of the Pacific with art overflowing the halls, pathways, and walls.

People can buy a cocktail, dance to the live bands or DJ’s, and dance through the
tunnels of fish, watch the fish change sex in the Sex Change Tank, or touch a shark
at Shark Lagoon. There are distinguished speakers presenting educational talks on
various animal behavior topics. Avoid the crowds on Valentine’s Day and take your
sweetheart to the Aquarium of the Pacific on Friday, February 13, 2015.

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