Photographer Jimmy Bui Turns From His Hardship And Moves Into His Passion

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Brilliant Photographer Jimmy Bui

An Inspiring Story 

A teacher gets a pink slip and moves in a new direction where his passion is flourishing.

Sometimes we need a little push to get us to the place we were meant to be. It takes courage and strength, but the end result can be so rewarding.

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Dream On_Music to Life_Jimmy Bui Photography

During my first year as a “professional” photographer, I struggled with finding my own voice and style. My business model was definitely a mess, and I did every form of photography there was. I knew that if I was going to succeed I needed to first find my niche.

Amongst the Waves - Music to Life Conceptual Photography Series

Before I started my career as a photographer, I had a whole other life. I was an elementary school teacher in California, and I served in public education for 10 years. I never once considered it a job, and in all actuality it was the second love of my life and something that I was incredibly passionate about. In case you’re wondering, my first love of my life is my wife.

Of the Girl - Pearl Jam - Music to Life Conceptual Photography Series

Transitioning to a new career was a incredibly tough. I never intended to leave teaching, but due to some extraneous circumstances I was left with no choice. I have always been the creative type, ever since I was a kid, and after I left teaching I decided to pursue a career that would enable me to be creative again.

Ice - Sarah Mclachlan - Music to Life Conceptual Photography Series

Jimmy Bui long-nights-music-to-life-conceptual-photography-jimmy-bui

After I officially decided that I was going devote myself 100% to photography, I knew it was going to be a tough and long road. It wasn’t long until I figured out that I needed to find my niche to succeed in this business. I knew that whatever it was going to be, I had to have the same love and passion for it as I did for teaching. Lucky for me, I found it.


It wasn’t just one genre of photography that I fell in love with, it was actually two. The first being wedding photography, and later on I discovered and fell in love with conceptual fine art photography.

Loving You Is Easy

Lights - Ellie Goulding - Music to Life Conceptual Photography Series


Right now, I’m currently working on a personal project called The Music to Life Conceptual Photography Series. Each image in the series is a visual interpretation of songs that have made an impact on my life one way or another. It has enabled me to become a better photographer and artist, and every image that I’ve created has a piece of me in it. The love and passion I have for my craft is unbreakable, and I can’t wait to see what new creative endeavors I will explore.

Here’s what happened to my teaching career:  

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