Vincent Price Exhibit Showcases Amazing Artwork

Fall Shows at the Vincent Price Art Museum

by;  Velia La Garda

In Los Angeles, there are three extraordinary fall shows from artists Shizu Saldamando, Jaime Zacarias aka GERMS, and John Valadez

At ELAC’s Vincent Price Museum through December 7th.

First is John Valadez’s Santa Ana Condition which is a retrospective of some of his early iconic images of Southern California’s Chicano experience.  It is empowering to see Valadez’s realistic pastels of life in Los Angeles from 1976 to 2011.

Velia John-Valadez-2 (2)

Velia John-Valadez-3

Velia John-Valadez-1

Velia John-Valadez-4

In the small gallery is the amazing work of Shizu Saldamando.  Her detailed, meticulous paintings are so vivid that when you see them in person they are almost lifelike depicting diverse subcultures in Los Angeles.

Velia Artist-Shizu-Saldamando-2Velia Artist-Shizu-Saldamando-1

Then, the future of Chicano art is displayed with Jaime Zacarias, aka GERMS in the Hoy Space gallery.  His surrealistic images take you to another world that is futuristic with its amoeba-like characters.  Favorites are his work depicting “Los Doyers” and upon walking into the Hoy Space gallery, an acrylic on wood and tribute to the late Chicano artist Gilbert “Magu” Lujan of a Chevy from the 50’s.  All must see exhibits for those who follow and collect Chicano and Los Angeles art.

Velia Jaime-Zacarias-aka-Germs-1Velia Jaime-Zacarias-aka-Germs-2

Photography by; Angela Maria Ortiz


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