F.I.R.E. Art Studios and Gallery Announces “Introspect” Event

F.I.R.E. Art Studios and Gallery Invites you to attend the “Introspect” Juried Art Show

April 13th -May 5th.

Artist Reception and Award Ceremony:April 26th 5:30pm – 9:00pm

Joanna Pinsky, Juror, Co-founder and Artistic Director for Art Encounter

Fire Art Studio collage invite2

F.I.R.E. Art Studios and Gallery, LLP

190 E. 5th Avenue, Naperville, IL 60563




The show also features:  Spring Flower Art Contest for Kids, Teens & Adults

“This the best of times, this is the worst of times ” —- Charles Dickens

A journey within oneself as much a requirement of the times we live in today as it was in any other time.

The Introspect Artists at FIRE Art Studios and Gallery responded to the challenge of travelling deep within the recesses of their own minds. While some emerged from the journey with the gems of other worldly meditative forms, the others came up with their deepest darkest secrets.  What emerged in the show is a bouquet of art stemming from mental silence and inner conflict, simplicity and indecision, suffering and sacrifice, leading the viewer to the light we all seek.

Joanna Pinsky the Co-founder, Artistic Director for Art Encounter, has graciously agreed to critique the show from her own eyes. Pinsky is widely exhibited nationally and internationally, and is included in many important private and public collections. She lives and works in Evanston, Illinois. For nearly forty years, she has been creating her signature style two dimensional shaped paintings.

We give everyone the opportunity to express themselves by creating “Spring Flowers” and a chance to win attractive prizes from the gallery.

Introspect Artists

Ahavani Mullen, Alicia Blanco, Anna Reed, Atzin Garcia, Brian P. Horan,

Christopher Vanaria, Dave Cruise, Dionne Victoria, Dorothy Graden,

Elizabeth Wilson, Fred Casselman, George John Larson, Hale Ekinci,

Jennifer Moore, Carrie McGath, and Brittany Majka, Jiha Park,

Jose F. Bolet, Kristina Knowski, Michael Angelo Gagliardi,

Peyton Michelle Rack, Rachel Konsella, Robin Mae Schaltz,

Sheri Lee Butler, Tess Watson, Sujata Tibrewala, Jeremy Foy & Merike Adams

Member Artists

Suja Jacob, Pallavi Rajwade, Kelly O’Connell, Dianne Matecki, Theresa Suchy McGraw, and Susan Joseph

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