Art Quench Presents; Casey Gates One Woman Show


Art Quench Presents; Casey Gates One Woman Show

  • 7:00pm in PDT
  • A comedic one woman show about YOGA.THE YOGAMERICAN DREAM: Having the house, the spouse, the career… Oh yeah, and peace and absolute balance.Start your week off right with certified yoga instructor Casey Gates as she bends her way into seven different characters in this hilarious, one woman show about yoga.
    Eastern philosophies meet Western personalities as all of us strive for THE YOGAMERICAN DREAM. Whether you’re a virgin yogi or self-proclaimed guru, this all-levels yoga show is beginner friendly and master approved.Tickets: $10 at the doorWritten by & starring: Casey Gates (RYT 500)

Stella Luna Yoga                            

The Yogamerican Dream is a highly acclaimed, hilarious, seven character parody on the yoga community written and performed by Casey GatesIn the last year she’s taken it from a world premiere to sold out houses in Hollywood to a 60 person, sit-on-the-floor yoga studio show in Santa Monica. As a certified yoga instructor and passionate artist, Casey is thrilled for the opportunity to share her hilarious and inspiring stories she’s gained working in the whacky yoga world with the audiences of Manhattan- her former Undergrad stomping grounds as well as a hot spot for modern yogis.

After performing in the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June 2011 and being awarded to perform in The Best of The Fringe this August, The Yogamerican Dream has been accepted to perform at The United Solo Show Festival: the world’s largest one person show festival held at 42nd Street Theatre Row in New York City on October 22nd, 2011. This will be Casey and her director Jeremy Aluma’s New York premiere.

Casey Gates (RYT 500) has written a show that, in sixty minutes, journeys from the quaint to the profound. She delivers an inspired performance that includes seven different characters and tackles nearly every facet of yoga in America today, including its steadfast rise in popularity, its numerous healing properties, and its recent corporate exploitation. Casey transitions seamlessly from one yogi to the next, both male and female, old and young, expert and beginner, and does so with the expertise of a seasoned actor and yoga instructor…and all of it has been tempered adroitly by Jeremy Aluma’s direction. -David Scales

 -Yoga is not my thing, but using it as a thread between several disparate characters with a good taste of comedy and thoughtfulness is. Impressive transformations between characters is the attractiveness of this performance. -Rich Clark

-As hilariously funny as she was, she was equally poignant & sensitive to her characters. -Charlie Pecoraro
-I was particularly moved by her portrayal of a middle aged, New Jersey, bar fly who turns to yoga in the quest for health and healing. -Jazmine Green
Casey Gates creates a myriad of characters that will have you laughing out loud. – Ron Collins
-She encompasses the spirit of yoga by creating such a mental, emotional and spiritually entertaining show that you can’t help but just be in the moment. -Jill Lawrence
-A joy to watch, she lights up the room as she shifts from your stereotypical, lovingly ditzy yoga instructor to a series of characters that are so different from each other, you can hardly believe it’s the same person onstage. – Aubree Bowen
Some shows inform and some shows delight. Some make us laugh, while still others give us pause. And some do it all. 

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