Art Quench Presents; “DJ” Hardwell, A Musical Storyteller

You are looking at the future of musical entertainment.  The new generation finds the “DJ’s” of the world to now be the new artistic storytellers.  One particular DJ has created a creative collective of art, music and stage presence that you might call a phenomenon.  This DJ has found blockbuster fame in the new generations playground.  Welcome to “Tomorrowland”.

This video allows Hardwell fans all around the world to watch Hardwell at his absolute best, tearing up Tomorrowland. The set takes fans on an amazing musical journey that Hardwell meticulously prepared for the massive 30,000+ person crowd. Watch Hardwell’s extreme excitement as he watches his music run through this enormous crowd, making them dance and throw their hands in the air. The fans are having the time of their lives as Hardwell delivers his epic performance.

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