Art Quench Gallery Announces Susan Ashley The Winner of the Jan. 2013 “Whimsical Expression” Art Competition

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ArtQuench Gallery Announces Susan Ashley’s “Don’t Splash Me!” the winner of the Jan. 2013 “Whimsical Expression” Art Competition.

Susan has won one year of representation with AQ Gallery.

The Winning Artwork

Winner of ArtQuench Gallery’s Whimsical Expression Art Competition is “Don’t Splash Me! by Susan Ashley.

The image is 12h X 18w. The framed work is 18h X 24w. with a white matte.

It is a watercolor with some casein for the white splashes on the water.

The inspiration for the painting was an event with 2 other artists in my backyard for an art show poolside.

When I went to paint a work to contribute to the show, I found an interesting photo of my grandson swimming under water. That was nice, but it needed the lady under the umbrella because I know sunbathers don’t want to be splashed by the vigorous swimmers.

I enjoy the witty twist on things in my work. I even juxtapose objects to create an effect.. – Susan Ashley

Susan Ashley’s paintings depict abstracted landscapes that contribute to a contemporary look. Some of her mixed media works are non representational. She has been praised as a “colorist.” Her work creates a personal view of California.  At times, these may include places no one has ever seen, a utopia, where a person could lose himself in another world.

Susan has a long lasting and true passion for painting. Shapes, patterns and texture, plus a touch of whimsy are elements of my work.   She works with watermedia: watercolors and acrylics with mixed media.  She often uses watercolor canvas or yupo paper (polypropylene) for interesting textures.

Susan has now begun paintings on handmade, Chinese watercolor paper. She then embellishes the paintings with objects and collage, making them more of an assemblage work. “I paint not from photographs, but my impression of the character or ambiance of a place.”

Susan Ashley ArtSusan Ashley

I was born in Dayton, Ohio, but my family moved to the SF Bay Area in my earliest years. I grew up in the town of Burlingame, California. My graduation from University of California at Berkeley was quickly followed by my marriage. We moved to San Jose where we raised our family.

Drawn to the arts all my life, I particularly love cities with all the activity and architecture. New buildings can intrigue me as much as the old. I especially love to imprint with color, shape and texture, the ambiance of a place. Vivid color is my language.

I have lived in the SF Bay Area most of my life. However, I travel extensively. Memories are colored after reflecting on my journeys in my studio. I have traveled

to Europe, China, Japan, Pakistan, Kenya, Thailand. Juxtaposing the exotic and familiar is significant in my work. I work with watercolor and acrylic. The water media really excites me with its serendipity. I also work with mixed media and assemblage.

I have received various awards for my work and was honored by a scholarship in 2007 to the SF Academy of Art.

Check out ArtQuench Gallery to see more pictures by Susan Ashley

Also Contact Susan Ashley at: Susan Ashley Fine Arts


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