Art Quench Presents; Jacob Schwarz “Inkdrops 4k”

Art Quench Presents; Jacob Schwarz “Inkdrops 4k”

Here we have an artist whose work seems pure and free of stress and harsh emotions.  Less pollution of the mind.  This is a beautiful composition that reflects peace and purity, a certain giving from the artists soul.  We call this our refresh button.  Thank you Jacob, we needed this.

Jacob Schwarz is an American film director and cinematographer. As a visual storyteller, he strives to always be comfortable with being uncomfortable. He has never been afraid to experiment with new technologies and techniques to help tell the story.

He is also fluent in Russian, having lived in Serbia for several years.

” Besides making YouTube videos, I am a Commercial Director so let me know if can ever be of any assistance. I am currently seeking additional representation. ‘

Feel free to follow him: Twitter | YouTube.



“You Always Make Me Smile” – Kyle Andrews
2010 One Show Pencil // Music / Bronze
2010 ADDY Award / Gold
2010 People’s Choice Award

Levi “Bear Naked”
2010 Silver Addy

Of Mints and Maids (Short)
2008 Salt Lake Film Festival / Official Selection
2008 Final Cut Film Festival / Official Selection

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