Art Quench Presents; Chris Carlson

Art Quench Presents; Chris Carlson

There is always a facination with 3D Art by the way in which it allows the mind to move in and out of reality from places the physical self cannot enter.

We find Chris Carlson has mastered 3DArt by using chalk and a street canvas to create some of our favorite images.

More on Chris…

Chris Carlson is a young artist from Denver, Colorado. He discovered his love for art during a trip to Europe and has been working tirelessly to develop his skills ever since. When Chris discovered the world of 3D chalk art, he knew he had found his calling. His chalk art time lapse videos on YouTube have been viewed by over one million people worldwide and have been featured on popular television programs in Japan and Spain. He is currently exploring the effect of combining 2D pop culture icons with anamorphic 3D chalk art. Chris is looking forward to finding new ways to amaze viewers by pushing the boundaries with his 3D chalk illusions.

To view more of Chris Carlson’s work go to :

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