Art Quench Presents; Willard OverStreet

A “musician”, we call this artist one who connects with great energy, whose art is heard in the soul.  A musicians creative juices flow like magic through the air.  The sound waves they create can move us so deeply that we laugh out loud, cry out loud and sing along with passion in our hearts.   They are poets and dreamers whose musical talents bring harmony to our world.

We need these great musical artists to help this world be moved into a better place by creating an outlet for us all to sing along through the journey of our lives.  Imagine for a moment a world without music.  Would we be able to express our emotions the same?  Music helps to provide us thoughts and feelings in order to help us deal with certain life experiences we all go through.

We have met a composer of musical value, whose beautiful music and lyrics bring us to a happy place today.  The moral approach to life is love and we believe musical artist Willard Overstreet brings this to life with his music.

More on Willard…

From an early age, Willard has been singing and playing guitar. As a young teen he attended Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan where he studied classical guitar and music theory. Eventually attending Berklee College of Music, he continued to study guitar and privately studied voice. He has extensive experience writing, performing, and recording.

From Ohio, to Massachusetts and currently in Los Angeles Willard has shared stages with “The Tubes”, “The Guess Who”, as well as many other regional and national acts. LA is where he recorded his first album entitled “Paralyzed”. He wrote, co-produced and played a majority of instruments on his first effort.

“Paralyzed” received airplay on college radio across the country and some larger stations in LA including KLOS and KCRW.

In 2009 Willard completed his 2nd album entitled “Something To Hold Onto”.  This record contains 12 beautiful narratives that tell stories of life, love and journey.  Over the course of 6 months the 2nd album also received airplay from college radio across the country.

In addition to his original songs, Willard has written and arranged music for eight Edgar Allan Poe poems. Among them are “Annabel Lee”, “The Conqueror Worm”, and “Dream within a Dream”. His long-range plan for this project is to score them for orchestra and perform them as a rock opera.

To learn more about Willard or purchase music go to;



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