Art Quench Gallery Presents; Artist/Photographer Frank Meyer

Frank Meyer  title: Temple

Art Quench Gallery Presents resident artist Frank Meyer.  We believe the great photographers already see their picture before it has been taken.  The eye first captures a view and translates it to the camera.  It is how the composition shows that tells us the story of the picture.  Frank Meyer’s photographs definitely tell you a story with each image.  Frank grew up in a small town just outside of Hamburg, Germany.  As a child Frank was just like most kids, just wanting to play and do what kids do.  ” I was always one who made fun of things and I am still doing that as much as possible. ”  Frank never liked to take things too seriously.  As Frank hit his mid-twenties he found his creativity and by the use of a camera came charm and brilliance.  We are happy to welcome Frank to our family here at Art Quench Gallery.

More on Frank…

Currently living and working in Hamburg, Germany.
From 1997-2001 I lived in London. The vibrancy of the city was the
main reason I started photography. Ever since then it is part of my daily
life. I studied Media Design and worked in that field for about
2 years full-time. Part-time probably for life.
At the moment I work as a PA for a German TV-Chef.
Frank Meyer (1970-7-2)
Everyday moments, sceneries, objects and just plain beautiful things,
which might be otherwise forgotten, are the subject of my work.
All in all it is just what I see.

To see more of Franks work go to  ( just click the Gallery button at the top of the page )


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