13th Annual “Fun With Chalk” Street Painting Festival

Executive Director and Founder of “Fun With Chalk” Frank Lieberman is proud to announce the return of the Street Painting Festival Sat. July 14 and Sun. July 15 at the Bell Tower Community Center in Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca.  This year there are more than 200 chalk art square spaces available.  The squares are sponsored by organizations or an individual.  The funds raised benefit Art Scholarships for graduating high school seniors and art projects in the local schools.

Brianna Cunha whose work is shown above has been an active participant for many years.  Most of the artist who participate give much more than the artwork itself, they volunteer in helping out in any way needed to make the festival a great success.

We applaud Frank Lieberman for helping to keep the arts in the schools.

For more information go to www.funwithchalk.org

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