5 year old Artist Prodigy Aelita Andre Inspires Us

The wonderful imagination of a child can lead us to open hearts and open minds.  For most, that great imagination we had in our youth fades away when we begin to move into adulthood.  The realities of life set in and pretending to be a pirate or a fairy princess seems a waste of time.  Now, after saying that I would like to give some hope to saving our inner child. There are still some very creative minds out there. One that first comes to mind is a man named Walt Disney.  He most definitely held on to his childlike imagination and lucky for us he shared it with the world.  The creators of shows like Scooby-Do and Spongebob also kept their inner child close.  We look at Aelita Andre and say” WOW!” and thank you for inspiring us.       Not only is your work beautiful but it inspires us to use our imaginations.

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