Laughter On The Menu At Tiato In Santa Monica To Support The Prostate Cancer Foundation.

‘Shindig Stars Under The Stars’ to raise funds for the

Santa Monica chapter of The Prostate Cancer Foundation.

   In this world of uncertainty and lack of communication, the creatives of the world are expressing their feelings through the talents given them. Street artists are expressing with painted murals throughout the cities, writers are placing words together in such a way that cannot be misunderstood and comedians are voicing in a strong verbal presence sending a message using laughter in a time where laughter is not something too common in today’s daily living.

ArtQuench Magazine was sure to attend this star studded comedy show at Tiato Santa Monica that sold out in minutes, to connect with laughter for a great cause the last night before lockdown.

Jimmy Shin, Jeremy Piven, Kirk Fox, Kelsey Cook, Eugenia Kuzmina and Christine Peake performed at the event which was hosted by the hilarious Greg Baldwin, to raise funds for prostate cancer, and bring some laughter and good vibes into the ending of a rough 2020.  

Christine Peake proves to be up to par for her very first time out on stage, “absolutely hilarious, delivering a stellar performance” amongst some of the very best in the business! Not only is she a moving force in the PR world (peakPRgroup) but she is definitely making waves in the comedians community!

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Big hearted & a big personality- Jimmy Shin.

On Nov. 19, 2020 

Laughter was on the menu at Tiato restaurant in Santa Monica, which  was the place to be this week when a slew of A-List comedians performed at the ‘Shindig Stars Under The Stars’ to raise funds for the Santa Monica chapter of The Prostate Cancer Foundation. Extreme planning and care was taken by Tiato’s owner Cathy An, who ensured with her team,  that social distancing was in full effect at the stunning restaurant’s huge outdoor space. Comedian Jimmy Shin, star of Amazon’s ‘Jimmy Shin’s Wok Of Shame’, enlisted his comedian friends to put on a one time only show to raise funds for prostate cancer. Comedians Shin,  Jeremy Piven, Kirk Fox, Kelsey Cook, Eugenia Kuzmina and Christine Peake performed at the event which was hosted by the hilarious Greg Baldwin. 

“We knew it was going to be a challenge to put on the show and we made sure to abide by all the rules, but we did it and we are proud to have supported  a great charity.” Said Cathy An.

Jimmy Shin, produced the show with Santa Monica resident and publicist Christine Peake, who also performed  her first stand up set to the energetic crowd. Big hearted Shin is no stranger to charitable events, he has been producing shows in Los Angeles to support the homeless community. 

“If I can help support a charity and make people laugh, then I am a happy man, this year has been so hard for the country, people need to laugh, I am grateful to Tiato, my comedians, the guests, the media and to our sponsor Cindy Wolfe of Blackout L.A. for making this possible. It was a great night which Cindy Wolfe was an integral part of, her generosity gave us the extra push to make this happen.”

Guests dined on a delicious  specialty menu under the stars and stayed warm amongst heat lamps and romantic fire pits. Actress Eugenia Kuzmina looked stunning as she performed as First Lady  Melania Trump and Christine Peake shared stories of motherhood in England whist Shin shared hilarious dating stories. 

The evening was a huge success and the team hope to perform more charity shows after the newly imposed Covid-19 lockdown rules are lifted. 

Headlining Star Jeremy Piven has the crowd laughing from start to finish! 

Headliner Kirk Fox brought his unique brand of dry wit. 

Tiato. Socially distanced tables, heat lamps and beautiful lighting provided the perfect outdoor venue. 

Star Kelsey Cook was a huge hit! 

Host Greg Baldwin kept the energy up all night with his jokes.

Actress Eugenia Kuzmina was caught backstage taking a private moment as Melania Trump 

Christine Peake performed her first stand up set on the special night.

Jeremy Piven with Adam Kling and Cindy Wolfe of Blackout L.A

Jeremy Piven, Christine Peake and Kirk Fox all performed.

Santa Monica Jewlery Designer Margaret Rowe was in attendance 

Football star Vernon Davis was a huge hit with football fans and chatted with sponsor Cindy Wolfe.

Christine Peake, Cathy An – owner of Tiato & Jimmy Shin. 

Vernon Davis and Producer Cindy Cowan.

ArtQuench Founder Stacia Gates 

Actress Eugenia Kuzmina as herself before she transformed into Melania Trump

Jeremy Piven took time to take photos with guests. 

Stacia Gates and Jimmy Shin