ArtQuench Presents Artist Sarah Bott

ArtQuench Introduces “Featured Artist” Sarah Bott 

Her soul leads her and her talents have us mesmerized.

This Nature artist brings inspiration through her passion for life and her view of the beauty of our natural surroundings. 

Hello. My name is Sarah, and I’m an eco friendly artist with an intention to give others a deeper connection to nature. Additionally, I aim to encourage living a sustainable and adventurous lifestyle. Creativity started flowing through me at an extremely young age. I remember around five or six years old I started getting things like marker sets and portable coloring kits for Christmas and my birthday. I took those things everywhere with me and was a perfectionist with my creations early on. I also got into other artistic avenues such as figure skating and dance as well.

In middle school I remember drawing during all of my classes. It was really the only way I could even stay awake in school and, honestly, it’s how I managed school all the way through college. Part of the reason I was always sleepy in school was because I had figure skating practice before school, so these early mornings made me pretty sleepy throughout the day. I was especially tired when I followed the school day with other sports like volleyball and track. As a preteen I started to get very serious about sports- figure skating in particular. Art was something I did for fun. I did things like stamping cards that I would randomly give to friends and family members as well as making cute little chocolates that I loved to gift people during the holidays.

I really got back into the visual arts my junior year of high school. I took a drawing class and after a few projects my art teacher suggested that I take Advanced Placements classes my senior year of high school. My focus started to shift from athletics to really concentrating on my art. I was presented with the challenge of deciding if I wanted to go to college for art or personal training/nutrition. I’d had a personal trainer since I was nine years old for figure skating. I loved and cared about the body, athleticism, and health so much. Training seemed logical with all of my experience, however, I could not let go of the nagging feeling inside me that I needed to be creating.

When I graduated high school, I decided I could do both. I became a certified personal trainer to train and coach figure skaters. This paid my bills while I went to school to study art. My concentration in art school was painting but I took as many other studios as I could for my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Some of my main painting studies I did in college included bicycles, trees, stylized landscapes, and abstract landscape work. This is when I started using recycled materials to create my paintings on and I still do to this today. Other studio areas I focused on included drawing, fibers, and 3-D classes. Studying art in college made me want to be an artist more than anything in the world. I would gather a group of friends to go to every first Friday in downtown Fort Collins to view and listen to art. I started having art shows at local restaurants as well as in spaces on campus. I tried to surround myself with support and other creative people.

After I graduated from Colorado State University in 2014, I was hired at the Ice Arena in Breckenridge Colorado to create and coach a figure skating program. Like many of us mountain folk, I was working 3-5 jobs for a while. One of my side jobs was being a live artist at a candle shop on Main Street in Breckenridge. It was fun to be creating again and I got the itch to do more. The owners of the shop were kind enough to allow me to use the loft above the business to work on personal projects. I started basically living at the Candle Gallery, even on days off, just to have space to paint and create. I then began selling work here and there, as well as exhibiting work in a few places in Breckenridge. After I moved on from working at the Candle Gallery, a friend of mine offered to share her studio space with me where I worked for six months or so. Then that space was no longer available either and I ended up taking over our tiny apartment, shared with two other people and many dogs, by turning the living room into a studio work space. My roommates and fiancé weren’t totally stoked on that.

That’s when my fiancé and I decided it was time to buy a house so that I could have an in-home studio all to myself. We bought a beautiful little mountain home in Fairplay, Colorado where we currently reside. We’re surrounded by aspen forests and hiking trails in the most beautiful area. Every day I walk out my door I am inspired and grateful for everything we have. I spend majority of my time focused on my art business and am having so much fun with creating all the time. I still coach skating as well in Breckenridge on the side. This keeps me working with kids in a sport I love as well as gives me some consistent socializing. In our free time, my fiancé and I love to spend time adventuring with our two dogs, rock climbing, snowboarding, camping and doing various other outdoor activities. I hope people who view or purchase my work feel joy, a connection to nature, a need for adventure and the desire to live environmentally conscious.

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