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Jessie Caballero

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Jessie began her artistic passion from her early childhood.

Meet Jessie

I’ve been involved with all forms of art for as long as I can remember… since I first learned how to hold a pencil and before I could even write my own name. My mother once told me that when I was 2 or 3, she saw me draw a circle and she instantly knew that I had inherited my dad’s artistic ability. I would draw all over the furniture, I would draw or trace my coloring book pages on separate sheets of paper so that I could color the same image over and over and create different versions.

I stole endless reams of paper from my dad’s work, I doodled in my dad’s sketchbooks (and simultaneously ruined them) because I wanted to feel professional and talented like him. I kept my crayons and markers in pristine condition, making sure the tips were never dull and the cap was always put on correctly. I hated Rose Art. I needed Crayola because I wanted “quality art supplies”. I hated peeling the paper back to sharpen the crayon because I felt it ruined the beauty of the crayon. I always looked forward to art class on Tuesdays. I was constantly making things as a child, whether it was sock puppets or paper reindeer antlers for a cheesy Christmas costume. I gave drawing lessons to the kids down the street and sold my Pokemon drawings for $1 a piece. I’ve been helplessly in love with all things creative my entire life. I will always be helplessly in love.

Throughout my life, I have gradually fallen even more in love with all things art related. I indulge myself in others’ work, and I am always eager to try a new medium, be it sculpture, sewing, wood carving, welding, etc. It has taken over ten years to develop a style that I can call my own, and each time I draw I am continuously experimenting with different methods of drawing eyes, noses, limbs, etc.


I hardly ever draw the same thing twice. I always try to create a new creature each time my pencil hits the paper, and what happens between that moment and the final product is beyond my own comprehension. When I draw, I enter a completely different realm.

I’m no longer mentally attached to reality. It’s really hard to explain what I am feeling or thinking about when I’m in the process of creating something. All I know is that I fall deep into a trance and it is my escape, my therapy.

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