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Kendal Brenneman, Actress/Writer/Producer is best known internationally for her role as June in the award winning short Isabel and June as well as her roles in iCrime and Near Myth: The Oskar Knight Story. She is a classic beauty that has been compared to Audrey Hepburn. Kendal also produces award winning short films in Paris. 

“Kendal illuminates with grace and with her talent and enchanting style is now winning the hearts of America!”

I recently spoke with Kendal and found behind her soft demeanor is a brilliant mind whose vision is directed from another era. -S.G.


Kendal Brenneman born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

” I remember liking to play dress up when I was a very young child. One of my favorite movies was Peter Pan. ” Kendal recalls running around the backyard and letting her imagination lead her.

” I believe it all really started for me when I was around 13 or 14 years old when I got involved in taking on background roles in school plays. My English class put on ” Romeo & Juliet ” and I loved the elaborate production…..and right then and there I said…I want to do that! “

Kendal saved money by ironing her friends mothers cloths to go to Shakespeare Camp with her friend and brother. It was a place she could dress up in costume and sing songs and dance. She felt in her world and knew this was to be a place she would know forever.

She would continue to go to places like the Renaissance fair to sell hats and things just to be able to dress up she says.

At 18 she applied to college but said she was tired of schoolwork. Kendal had something else in mind and was set to head out in the direction of her dream.

” I saved money from working at the Renaissance fair and bought a cheap old car and decided to drive alone to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams. Needless to say my Dad was not to happy about all of this.” She had just received her license and Kendal would soon be on an adventure.

She connected with a woman from Los Angeles who helped her with a place to stay and knowledge of things like Central Casting and ways to help to get her started with her acting career. She stayed with her for a few months and began to get work, became Union and started doing short films.

Things have really moved along well for Kendal and she believes you should always follow your dreams even when the odds are against you. It takes hard work and commitment but you can achieve your goals and grow from your journey. 

Kendal has many new projects in the future and you will be hearing much more about this amazing actress!

We believe in you Kendal and you are an inspiration to those who know what they truly want to do but just need a small boost of confidence, so we thank you for sharing your story.

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