Actor Kiri Stevens Makes His Big Screen Debut In “A Star Is Born!”

ArtQuench Announces Big News for Kiri Stevens

You might know Kiri from the 75 regional and national commercials or the over 30 films and TV shows he has appeared in, and now a role in the Warner Bros. movie, “A Star is Born,” starring Lady Gaga and directed by Bradley Cooper! ” A Star Is Born has been nominated for 8 Academy Awards including Best Picture, 4 Golden Globes, 5 GRAMMYs, 4 SAG Awards, 9 Critics Choice Awards AND just won Best Picture from the Producer’s Guild of America. 

Kiri says….”It was surreal and a dream come true because I work so hard and to see myself on that screen opposite these wonderful and giving actors just blew me away. I will never ever forget this experience.”

ArtQuench says… ” Kiri Stevens is a Brilliant Actor with a Bright Future!”


 When did you start acting and modeling?

My very first acting job was a school play back in Elementary at Covedale and my first modeling job was for the best restaurant in Newport, Kentucky  (Gourmet Chili Company) when I was 8 years old eating a cheese coney, but I didn’t really pursue acting until high school full time and locally first!!

 What locations have you visited thus far in your career? Do you like to travel? What has been your favorite location? Where do you want to travel to?

I LOVE to travel and I want to travel even more!! It’s a beautiful thing and a great feeling whenever the time permits. I’ve worked in Ohio,Kentucky, Florida,  New York, Greece, And all over California (LA, San Diego, Santa Barbara to name a few. I really want to travel to Japan and London- I’m putting it in the universe!!

 What was your first day on set of “A Star is Born” like? (Be as detailed as you like!)

Honestly my first day was a dream come true. And as soon as I got to the hair and make up trailer, sitting right next to me was THE Bradley Cooper, our amazing director and lead actor for the film. I looked straight ahead at myself and thought “this is really happening!”

 Is this your first acting role in a major motion picture? Were there any differences you noticed from past roles that you encountered during this production?

This was my first major studio film. I’ve been so grateful to work on so many amazing projects in all sides of the business and In all mediums (television, indie films, commercials, modeling, music videos and voice overs) but this was the first film for a studio with two A-list leads!!!

 Are there any funny, interesting, or inspiring stories you have while filming the movie?

My character DJ Gisella was a lot of fun because he was the DJ and newer to the scene!! It was my first time to transform into a character like that, the whole thing was quite an experience. The hair and the makeup, all of it and to stay in character and not mess anything up. I have so much respect for all of the Drag queens in the world, and applaud them because it’s A LOT of work and A LOT of detail and they are so much fun to be around and the two main Drag Queens knew this was new for me so they made it even more fun and warm!! They obviously had award winning hair and makeup people to work with us so I was in great hands and I trusted them to do what was needed for my role and scene to help move this phenomenal story along. I realized more on this movie that there are no small roles or actors because every single frame that makes the final cut of the film is there for a purpose and that is to tell a beautiful story and move it along.  Even the dog in the movie was powerful. I’m still in shock and we filmed this movie over a year and a half ago now.

 I can only imagine what seeing yourself on the big screen was like for the first time! If you have already been to the theaters, please describe what that was like!

Yes,  I saw it with some of the cast and crew and I also saw it at the Arc Light Cinema Dome in Hollywood which is one of the biggest in LA and I had so many emotions for so many reasons. It was surreal and a dream come true because I work so hard and to see myself on that screen opposite these wonderful and giving actors just blew me away. I will never ever forget this experience and I have to go watch it a few more times to believe it really happened. It still hasn’t hit me yet! It’s all so unbelievable for me. I’m speechless.

 Were you able to meet any of the A list cast? If you have, what were they like? Any friendships you made along the way?

Of course I met all of them because I was on set with them all and I’m in a very important scene where Bradley’s character first discovers Lady Gaga and she sings the song “La Vie En Rose”. She did that song 13 times that day and she sang LIVE take after take. They were all so kind and so giving. When we finished shooting my scenes and we improvised and did a lot together with Bradley Cooper and Anthony Ramos. They all thanked me and told me I did an excellent job. Lady Gaga asked me to stay behind and she gave me a great hug and kiss on both cheeks it’s the Greek/Italian thing! I LOVE her even more. She gave me a white rose that I still have and she thanked me for being there and being a part of this film.  She told me I was a beautiful soul and talent and It was so amazing because I’ve loved her since I was younger and watched the LADY GAGA and to have her be so kind and humble and giving and loving made me so proud and respect her even more than ever. She shared such great words of advice with me and told me some wonderful things that I will cherish forever and nobody can ever take this experience away from me and it’s one that I will never ever forget. And Bradley too he was so kind and giving and this was a lot for him as a first time director too but he was just so nice and kind. Two of the nicest, most professional human beings I’ve ever met. I am forever changed from this experience for life.

 Is there a dream role or goal you have in your sights?

I have so many things I want to achieve and so many goals but I’m putting it out to the universe to be a series regular on a network television show next!!  I can see it and I can taste it. It’s right around the corner it’s just a matter of time and so much more,  but you’ll have to wait and see!!

 In your own experience, what do clients look for the most in aspiring actors/actresses? (Professionalism, preparedness, humility, etc.). In your opinion, what makes you stand out from the rest?

This can be a very long answer, but I will just make it as helpful as possible and as honestly as I can answer it. And all clients look for different things. Ive also worked in Casting and behind the scenes and that has been very helpful. I would encourage all actors and models to work on the “other side” to see that they are on OUR SIDE!! They want you to be great when you walk into the room. But honestly, the Clients look for talent. They look for WHO YOU ARE! They want you to be prepared, on time, available, vulnerable, to be able to LISTEN well, to be able to TAKE DIRECTION and to be NICE!!! These all sound so simple, but you would be surprised how many people take these things for granted. It’s the little things in life that can go along way. So you have to be aware and to pay attention and LISTEN because every experience and opportunity is different, but these things I mentioned apply heavily in my opinion and can help you and they want you to always study and continue to learn. I will keep learning until the day I die. I take dance classes, acting classes, voice over classes, casting workshops, intensives and the list goes on and on. I love to challenge myself and you must in order to get better and better. You can never be stagnant, but you can always grow! And you MUST always be prepared because you never know when that call will come that can change your life.

 What advice can you give to aspiring actors/actresses? Anything they should know when they start to get work? Any advice for suppressing anxiety or nervousness?

I kind of touched on this in my last answer, but my advice will be to always be yourself!! I also think it’s very important to continue to study and hone your craft, and do everything you can to be the best version of yourself and that applies to so many things and it’s different for every person!! It doesn’t matter what age you are, when you started, you can always grow and learn something new everyday and it’s not easy because there is a lot of rejection but you can’t take it personally and if you realize it’s too much to be rejected that much then it’s ok too! As far as being nervous,  we are so lucky these days because we have so much power and so much access and we can practice on our iPhones and tablets and you can create your own opportunities and you can team up with other artists with positive goals and do things together. You can film things, record auditions!  It’s very important to surround yourself with people that inspire you to grow and to be better and who really believe in you. Also trust your instincts because they are almost always right. Instead of being nervous, I always say I’m excited!  I’m careful with the language I use now and the choice of words I say to myself and put in the universe. The mind is a very, very powerful thing and we all love telling ourselves what’s not going well or what’s not happening, but you have to learn to have self love, tell yourself great things every day, meditate, give back, write thank you notes, affirmations, and be a kind person and be patient with yourself. The journey is a beautiful thing and it’s not easy!! If it was easy everyone would do it. It’s a business and you have to always remember that and know that things take time so be present and be kind to where you are today and just love what you do more than anything if this is truly what you want to do! For me this is my life. I have no plan B! I wish you all who are reading this all the luck and happiness in the world and thank you.


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