Cooking With MasterChef to gear up for all those gift-exchange parties with family and friends!

Cooking With MasterChef

The holidays are in full swing, so hold on to your apron strings ‘cuz that means lots of friends, family and FOOD are in your future! As you countdown to one of your favorite holidays, why not give yourself the gift of Cooking With MasterChef to gear up for all those gift-exchange parties with family and friends?

Sign up today to learn how to cook some of our Chef’s favorite holiday dishes. Who knows–perhaps they’ll teach you a thing or two about adding a special zest to your festive fare.


MasterChef Wines

We all know it’s the most wine-derful time of year and–truth be told–that the holidays tend to kick-start pressure to give the perfect gift. Well, fear no more — MasterChef Wines are here!

But which one to choose?


MasterChef Season 7 Winner Chef Shaun says that even though he is a red wine guy, with the popularity of Rose these days, he’d “definitely bring a bottle… or 12 of that. It is delicious with amazing fruity undertones guaranteed to be the star of the show when brought to the office Christmas party.” And going even further, MC Season 6 Winner Chef Claudia says “It is the Year of Rosé. Bring it everywhere, it pairs with Savory Dishes and Desserts!” Rose is her favorite, she explains, because “it is light, crisp, and perfectly balanced when chilled.”  

And when you buy a bottle of MasterChef Wine, what next?

Well, for one, ditch that brown bag and wrap your Signature MasterChef Wines in a creative way to make the gift even more unique! To get those juices flowing, try one of these clever ideas:

1. Can you think of something better than red wine on a winter day? YAS – it’s warm red wine on a winter day! Make a lil burlap bag of spices and tie it to the neck of the bottle for a trendy bevvy of the mulled variety.

2. Everyone wants a little something cozy and fuzzy. Well, knee socks with funky designs aren’t just for the hipsters anymore. Grab a pair, slip one on the bottle, and use the other one to tie a bow on the top.

3. For the most special of someones, wrap the wine bottle in a scarf. Tie both ends of the bottle with ribbon and this double gift will surely be a hit!

*Must be 21 years of age or older to purchase. Please drink responsibly.

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It’s The Gift that Keeps on Giving!


Looking for a gift that will leave your kiddos speechless? Camp Masterchef is the gift they will remember for years to come! This one or two week summer camp for kids, ages 8-16, is an unforgettable experience filled with unique moments that create life-long friendships and lasting memories.

Doesn’t matter if your kid is an aspiring junior chef or has never picked up a spatula, Camp Masterchef has programs to fit their age and skill level. The gift of Camp MasterChef not only allows your child to make friends with others who share their passion, but also your chip-off-the-’ol-block receives expert culinary instruction and the chance to meet past MasterChef and MasterChef Junior contestants–something you definitely can’t buy at the mall!

And when your child returns from Camp MasterChef, they will surely know their way around the kitchen. Imagine waking up to your child whipping up breakfast in bed or coming home to the sweet smell of a special dessert they made just for YOU!

Its Snow Much Fun!

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