Los Angeles Artist Scott Froschauer opens new unique installation at the brand new MOCA Toronto in collaboration with Volkswagen

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Volkswagen Canada Celebrates the Anticipated Arrival of the All-New Arteon with a One-of-a-Kind Art Installation by Los Angeles artist Scott Froschauer at

The Brand New Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto

Toronto, ON – On Friday, September 21st, Volkswagen Canada celebrated its most recent brand evolution, the Arteon, with the unveiling of a unique, outdoor art exhibit at the Grand Opening of The Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada (MOCA). Staying true to its passion for inspired and outside-the-box thinking, Volkswagen partnered with renowned experimental and multimedia artist Scott Froschauer to help showcase its most progressive and luxurious vehicle – the Volkswagen Arteon – by designing and installing an original outdoor art exhibit which will remain on display to the public for a limited time.

Volkswagen’s partnership with MOCA Toronto is a perfect match of synergy and shared passion. Similar to MOCA, Volkswagen is in a defining phase of its evolution – an evolution driven by a passion for pushing boundaries – brazenly embodied by the new Arteon vehicle, heralded as the ultimate example of the art of smart luxury.

The Arteon art installation was conceptualized to be reflective of the belief that luxury is more than an image or a name, but rather a feeling and an experience stimulated by the finer things in life. Smart Luxury incorporates a sense of purpose, accessibility, quality and performance.

From food to travel to fashion and art, the Arteon installation embodies the spirit and pursuit of #LifeInSmartLuxury.

As MOCA opened its doors to the public at its new home at 158 Sterling Road on Saturday, September 22, and revolutionizes Canada’s contemporary art scene, Volkswagen is contributing its own work of art, and a forthcoming new vehicle, to revolutionize Canadians’ perception of luxury. 
Arteon Revs Up Contemporary Art in Toronto
Renowned Los Angeles-based experimental and multimedia artist Scott Froschauer makes his Canadian debut with his stunning Arteon installation and collaboration with Volkswagen.

Froschauer’s expertise with light, design, structural engineering, non-ordinary reality and experiential narrative are encapsulated in the exhibit which surrounds the Volkswagen Arteon with mirrors, lights and stunning imagery which collide to manifest an immersive, engaging and seemingly infinite look at what is #LifeInSmartLuxury

A creative visionary bent on sparking an emotional reaction from his audience, Froschauer’s monumental artwork strives to evoke feelings of hope, excitement and joy. 

“I was instantly drawn to the Arteon project because I’ve always been a fan of Volkswagen’s heritage of renowned engineering and design – core principals in my own work,” says Froschauer. “But even more than that, I was inspired by the Arteon and what it represents. I strive to change perceptions with my art and present new perspectives from which to view traditional concepts, and this big, beautiful, impactful exhibit embodies these core values.”  

Froschauer’s portfolio includes exhibits displayed at iconic cultural festivals like Burning Man and in street art installations in municipalities across America, as well as works currently on display at The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. 


The Arteon exhibit will be on display from September 21, 2018, until October 21, 2018, and is located directly outside the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto. Viewing of the exhibit is free to the public. 

The Art of the Arteon
A highly anticipated addition to North American roadways, the Arteon will be brand new to Canadian drivers when it arrives next year. A sleek five-passenger sedan, it represents refined luxury – an elevated, smart lifestyle that is premium but never frivolous, high-end yet approachable. The Arteon is instantly recognized for its aerodynamic contours, frameless windows and striking rear design. Its elegant appearance and classical fastback style are unquestionably innovative, but the craftsmanship, quality and power are an ode to the tried and true Volkswagen brand. 

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