ArtQuench Presents Artist Dan Tocher

ArtQuench Presents “Featured Artist”

Dan Tocher

His unique and eye catching style is becoming well known worldwide. His expertise in creating mood is excellent! He brings a new original look to the abstract world. Dan’s creativity is in full force and we can’t wait to see his next move.

Mr Newman my high school art teacher inspired my love of art back in 1976. After that I’m totally self taught.

I’m inspired by deep emotions. Love, passion, hate and fear are all inspiring. Every time I fall in love or get heartbroken it brings a rush of artistic activity.

I learned to channel my everyday emotional energy into artwork. It’s almost an addiction. I get charged up through the interactions with others. Their energies. I get inspired by other artists and their work. 

Sometimes I’ll try to imitate what I see, and sometimes it just inspires something new. I can’t seem to stick to a single style but people always seem to recognize my work. I love abstract art the most.

It’s taught me so much. It’s a mirror to the soul. You see the reflection of what’s in your heart. Many times people have told me a certain piece is my greatest work of art. Each of those people choose something different. I can’t really tell what people will like. 

Something I think is fabulous others don’t react to. Things I feel mediocre might be my greatest achievement.

One of my favorite art books is Drawing on the right side of the brain. It had a huge impact on me when I read it many years ago. It helped me see the major obstacle for an artist, to overcome themselves. That we all have an inner artist dying to get out. I’ve been slowly allowing myself to understand what that means. Believe you can’t do something and you never will.


From thoughts into reality

I hyperfocus epiphany

start working on my memory

as I think abstract thoughts

of artistic inspiration

I’m touched with the fire

of quantum interpolation

in a morphological box

of creative limitation

at random juxtaposition

of the conceptual economy

both convergent, and divergent

in my concepts of creativity.







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