Zak Bagans’ Documentary “DEMON HOUSE” is Extraordinarily Supernatural

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DEMON HOUSE is so real that the movie opens a piece of your mind that most try to keep repressed. We all know that scared frozen feeling we felt as a child and this triggers that sense of fear because of it’s reality. You will remember this movie and you will find yourself constantly thinking about the events that occurred there wondering if we are all capable of something affecting us in the same manner. This thought is the most terrifying to me. 


As a Director Zak Bagans delivers an impressive look at this “Demon House” capturing the highly intensified emotions of everyone involved with the film including Zak and the film crew.

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The mood and uncomfortable cold in this dark place will spook even the bravest. There is great evidence here of the supernatural and whether you believe in it or not you will have trouble trying to deny what Zak has shown you. I wouldn’t be surprised if an award is in the future!

Finding Inspiration Through One of The Scariest Movies I’ve Ever Seen?

Let’s begin with who is the man Zak Bagans?

From what we have learned as a child Zak felt a bit different.

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He has said that his Mother has always been a great support of her son and let him be exactly who he was….a child of wonder….a child of curiosity ….in the paranormal.

Zak Bagans instagram

He is a collector and he has shared a story that his Mother used to take him to garage sales as a kid as he began a great collection of odd things that would much later in life become world famous in Las Vegas Nevada….”Zak Bagans” HAUNTED MUSEUM. 

The story goes that Zak would continue to collect oddities but now as an adult would find the need to collect something even greater…..capturing evidence of the paranormal on film….and so he and a few close friends, a couple of cameras and some very creepy places we now have the TV Show “Ghost Adventures”! 

Although this review is about one of the scariest places I’ve ever seen I can see the work involved in Zak Bagans vision to bring us even more evidence of the paranormal. He had a dream of sharing this film which is a piece of art in it’s own right with the world and he made it happen. His dream of sharing his collection of haunted items and strange things came true when he opened the Haunted Museum. Zak has never stopped creating his own world and you can just about feel the hard work involved and the long hours and exhaustion but when you have a dream you can never give up if you truly believe in it.

For those of you with a passion that is undeniable in what you do and for those of you who are always willing to go the extra mile and to those of you who will never quit exploring what you are capable of we say to you …..Thank you for the inspiring stories for you are the dreamers and the dreamers create the world! 

-Stacia Gates







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