Art Battle Los Angeles 2018 at The Exchange LA Brings Excitement and Inspiration

ArtQuench Correspondent KIRI STEVENS

Attends Art Battle Los Angeles 2018!

 ” When I was invited to attend the Los Angeles Art Battle I didn’t really know what to expect and let me just say the experience and the event left me speechless and I do realize more and more how many talented artists truly exist in the city of Los Angeles.”

In doing my research about what exactly Art Battle is, I found that its an International live competitive tournament amongst artists and they go on all over the world. The way it works is that the Painters have 20 minutes in 3 separate rounds to showcase their work, first starting off with a clear white canvas to create their art in front of an entire and live audience.

The unique thing about the Battle was that as the artists painted live, we the crowd got to move along with them in a circle to experience this passion and work literally from behind them and it was mind blowing to see what was being created right in front of the eyes of the audience. There are no words to describe seeing this live and in action. They say that the energy from the crowd is a sense of inspiration for the artists as they work in that environment which seems pretty fast paced and not enough time If you really think about artists creating art on that level, but no, these artists were amazing and created magic right before our very eyes. 

At the end of each round the audience then voted for their favorite painting and the top two contestants from the first two rounds got to compete in the final round which selects an art battle champion.  Also uniquely enough after each round all of the paintings are put up for display in the entrance hall via a silent auction where you can take home the work with you for the right price.

The Art Battle takes place in over 50 cities around the world and the winner of each Art Battle advances further into tournaments, then becoming the Art Battle International champion.

The Art Battle took place at the swank and sophisticated Exchange Club in downtown Los Angeles and featured live music by NK-Riot and the awesome DJ Kin Cassini and sponsored by Fredrix Artist Canvas.


Also in the building during the battles on the main stage was an amazing live exhibition painting by Art Battle LOs Angeles Champion Madison DiDomenicantonio and her work was also up for auction as well!!

A list of all artists who participated are named below;

Al Marcano

Wreck Creation Art

City Mind Funk

Chris Rutledge

Palomares Blvd

Amna Basheer

Victoria Cassinova

Michelle Guerrero

Heather Artz Ireland

Meghan Hall

Isaac Pelayo

Bribe nestle sin

Noemi Barajas Tattoos

And two wild cards.

Artists can apply to paint at and also follow all things for upcoming Art Battle Los Angeles at @artbattlelosangeles!

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