Jhene Aiko “Trip” POP Up Shop Vinyl Release Event at Space15Twenty!

ArtQuench Correspondent KIRI S. STEVENS Attends 

  Jhene Aiko’s Vinyl Release Event

On Friday December 15th, Space15Twenty in Hollywood hosted an event for Jhene Aiko’s “Trip” album release along with the release of her poetry book “2Fish” 

Jhene Aiko narrates her “Trip” album through death, love and reawakening. On Friday December 15th, Space15Twenty in Hollywood hosted an event for her “Trip” album release along with the release of her poetry book “2Fish” and a pop up shop with exclusive merchandise for the album and it was an event to remember! She was radiant, kind and so excited to see her friends, family and industry supporters.

 Jhene Aiko seems like she’s from another planet. She is somewhere between traditional soul and pop R&B. The autobiographical sound of “Trip” follows the loss of her brother Miyagi Chilombo to cancer in 2012 and Her quest to replace that love with relationships and vices that fill the void. We all deal with loss in different ways, but what I admire and respect about Jhene is that she always keeps it real, calm and filled with love and you can sense that as you listen to this record.

The vinyl that we received at the event plays like a melancholy sound of life and bliss and it soothes the ear, especially during the late winter nights. All the tracks on this record were a few years in the making and she said that writing the record was “like therapy” and it’s “what I turn to” to grow as a person and an artist. She said that a lot of the songs on the record began as poems she penned in journals on trips she took as solitude to nature.

“Trip” is a 22 song LP and the title encompasses a movie, album and poetry book! At her young age of 29, Aiko has experienced divorce and pain already and the album is so universal and it’s more than a quest for love and temporary high. She sees it more as a confessional story of dealing with nature in all human experiences in life and how she deals with her own mistakes and stands up in her own power. She’s a super soulful woman and a brave soul, which is rare in this industry, and she shares with us so many parts of who she is, sometimes vulnerable and other times a visionary as she takes one along for a ride during this “Trip”!

I was grateful to be in attendance and speak with her after just having wrapped her tour to support the album. She was excited to have a few weeks off before she starts on another tour with the equally soulful and powerful pop star Lana Del Rey on the LA to Honeymoon tour on January 5th!

Her poetry book “2Fish” was just released as well and was on full display at the event along with beautiful artwork and pieces all around. There was even a bar with two drinks named after her singles from the record and the bright merchandise to represent the record.

 Also in attendance to surprise her during her special event was her boyfriend and collaborator on many tracks, Rap superstar Big Sean, who was equally chill and polite and there to support the girl of the hour. He had nothing but praises for the girl of the night and was a pleasure to speak to as well! Another equally honest and raw performer!

To stay in touch with all things Jhene Aiko, including purchasing the album and poetry book and exclusive merchandise, you can visit her website at jheneaiko.com as well as purchasing tickets to the tour with Lana Del Rey!!

 I look forward to seeing what’s next for this soulful and sweet superstar and I’m grateful that there are artists like her in the world who care about their fans and have that deep passion for what they do because it reflects in their work. Thank you Jhene for an unforgettable evening and I can’t wait to see you on tour with Lana Del Rey in February!! Do yourselves a favor and purchase or stream “Trip” right now on all platforms!!

 Jhene, a trip to cherish forever!=



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