ArtQuench TV Presents Spirit Art

ArtQuench Presents “Spirit Art”

With World Renowned Mediums

Michael & Marti Parry

They are known especially for not only hearing the voices from beyond but drawing a visual of the ones who are connecting.

Michael & Marti Parry have been seen on numerous TV shows, magazines and radio for example

Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel and A&E’s Paranormal State 

We hope you enjoy this presentation!

There are many things we don’t understand like how it all works exactly once we leave this earth and why some of us can hear the other side and some cannot. ArtQuench believes the other side does exist and that some of us were created to help others through healing and inspiration using the abilities we were given.

World renowned mediums Michael & Marti Parry share with ArtQuench their amazing story of how they met as well as their abilities to connect with loved ones passed.

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